Retired Audrain County Sheriff Stuart Miller and retired Audrain County Western Commissioner Tom Groves were presented plaques for their retirement from Crime Stoppers.

On hand for the presentation were Audrain County Sheriff Matt Oller, Mexico Public Safety Chief Susan Rockett, Harold Enslen, president of Crime Stoppers, and Linda Groves, wife of Tom Groves.

Enslen, a member of Crime Stoppers since the beginning, said he appreciated the work Miller and Groves have put into the organization. "They are active in the community and we appreciate their work," he said. Miller served as the public relations person and Groves was the vice president.

Groves thanked the group for the plaque and had praise for the organization. "I believe this is a very worthwhile organization," he said.

Crime Stoppers began in Audrain County in 1992 when a detective from Columbia came here to talk to a group of interested people. "That is how we got started," said Miller. Miller said Crime Stoppers is a good tool to help solve crimes. "People can remain anonymous and let us to our job," he said.

Sheriff Oller and Chief Rockett also commented on the two men's involvement with Crime Stoppers.

"I have known Stuart and Tom for a long time and I am impressed with both of them and their contributions to Crime Stoppers," said the sheriff. He said he would like to see Crime Stoppers used more. "This is (Crime Stoppers) a good way to help law enforcement," he said.

"The contributions of these two men is over and above their job. They are outstanding in the community with their validation to Crime Stoppers. I hate to see them go," said Chief Rockett. "However, it opens the door for other people with new ideas."

Enslen said Crime Stoppers is a community-based organization to help solve crimes. Once a person calls Crime Stoppers, the Audrain County Sheriff's Department and Mexico Public Safety Department follow up on the tip.

Other members of Crime Stoppers include superintendents from Mexico, R-6 and Vandalia school districts, Audrain County Eastern and Western Commissioners and the Mexico United Methodist Church pastor.The group meets quarterly.