At a public hearing Monday night, Mexico City Council members heard a request to rezone the property of Dan Mika located at 132 Josephine Street from I-2, heavy industrial, to R-1, single family dwelling.

On this parcel, Mika has a single-family dwelling which is used as rental property. There are also several sheds on the property.

Notices were sent to six surrounding property owners within 185 feet of the request. Rita Jackson, Community Development Director, stated city staff received one written correspondence in favor of the requested zoning. This property owner felt that Josephine Street is already established as a residential area largely populated by single-family homes and most of the lots are already zoned R-1. One verbal communication was received in opposition of the requested rezoning. This adjoining property owner felt that the property should maintain its current zoning at I-2.

The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended city to grant approval of the requested rezoning. Later in the regular meeting, council members passed an ordinance to rezone the property with two readings by title only and passage.

Also during the meeting, council members passed a resolution authorizing City Manager Bruce Slagle to execute a memorandum of understanding with the East Central Drug Tax Force. Mexico Public Safety Chief Susan Rockett explained that the East Central Drug Task Force was organized in 2001 and identifies and targets for prosecution the most criminally active drug enterprises that affect the Task Force area and all criminal activities of the drug enterprises are addressed by the Task Force.

Councilman Chris Williams said he had no problem funding East Central Drug Task Force, but he believes they could do more.

Councilmen Steve Nichols and Ron Loesch were not present at the meeting.