Not every varsity basketball season goes as planned.
That doesn't mean things can't be gained from an imperfect effort, though, which is exactly how Centralia boys coach Scott Humphrey feels about the campaign his squad just worked its way through.

"My kids competed extremely hard all year and came to practices with a great attitude," said Humphrey. "We need to work on playing a complete game. Our downfall usually was every game we had one bad quarter."

One thing that's for sure is that the Panthers will be younger next season by virtue of the five individuals they're graduating. This includes Kyland Dickerson, Evan Plank, Andre Moore, Donovan Dowell and Klayton Marty. Fortunately for Centralia, Humphrey has a plan.

"We will return six of our top-eight. We finished for a tie for last in (the Clarence Cannon Conference," Humphrey said. "Our program is on the rise. We will return four starters who all were freshmen and sophomores."

As for the underclassmen on this roster, John Durant, Peyton Davis and Gus Stidham are currently the youngest guys in this lineup. That being said, Humphrey now needs that trio to put what they've learned to use in order to provide support for Dawson Kirtley, Brett Huffington, Clayton Simkins and Draven Hamilton when they become seniors in 2017-18.

"We were 5-19 overall, 1-7 Clarence Cannon Conference, but our JV was 14-5 overall and the freshman went 9-4, so the future is bright," said Humphrey.