Farm Bureau members and others who are interested in agriculture attended a breakfast Wednesday to discuss the statistics for Audrain County agriculture that were recently released by Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Barb Wilson, president of Audrain Farm Bureau, welcomed those attending and told about Farm Bureau which is a not for profit organization and that members are advocates for the agricultural community.

Clarissa Cauthorn, chairperson for the Missouri Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers committee, gave Audrain County's economic contributions of agriculture.

Agricultural, forestry, and related industries support 2,652 jobs in Audrain County. Additionally, these industries contribution $766,9 million in sales, which translates to $207.5 million in added value to the area after $559.4 million worth of inputs are purchased. Of this $207.5 million, $104.7 million is comprised of labor income. Tax revenues generated by the agricultural, forestry, and related industries in Audrain County are $35.4 million.Sales is the broadest measure of economic activity - often referred to as "output;" jobs is a measure of job positions without regard to whether they are full-time equivalents; value added is sales (output) minus the cost of inputs; taxes includes taxes paid at the federal, state and local levels.

There are 1,015 farms in Audrain County with an average size of 430 acres, with total area land, 443,030 acres, total land in farms, 436,483 acres.

Information was provided by Missouri Department of Agriculture, Missouri Farm Bureau and Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority.

Cauthorn also stated there was a truck loaded with supplies that was to leave Mexico Wednesday for Kansas. The supplies are for farmers who lost their homes, livestock and crops during the recent wildfires. Cauthorn said agriculture doesn't go by territory or lines. "We take care of our neighbors even if they are 600 miles away," said Cauthorn.

Cauthorn said that if anyone has any questions about Farm Bureau they should contact one of the members . "We need to promote ag, so let us know if you have any questions," she said.

Wilson on behalf of Farm Bureau, thanked the community for its support. "We are blessed with the support of the school (district), city and county." She added that Mexico, Van-Far and Community R-6 have wonderful ag programs.