Because they have both indoor and outdoor varsity tennis facilities, the Missouri Military Academy didn't have to cancel or reschedule any of its home contests because of the excessive rain experienced this spring.

Instead, the team was able to flourish in friendly confines, which boded well considering the size of the schools it has to face because of the number of schools in this area that don't offer boys varsity tennis.

"Our final overall record was 7 - 6. This was pretty close to my preseason expectations for our varsity team," said head coach Michael Pemberton. "Considering we only won one match last year, I was very pleased with our overall performance as a team."

The reasons for this marked improvement is several-fold and includes the fact that MMA didn't have any serious injuries to deal with in 2017. Because the squad was also able to hand the mental part of the game that much better than in 2016, the highs and lows of seasons past was far less prevalent this year.

"Given our new and returning players, I expected to play better and win more than the previous season," Pemberton said. "This year's squad had more playing experience than last year's squad. Our 2018 team could be stronger than this year's team. We should have four of our top six players returning to the team."

The postseason also featured some of the Fighting Colonel's favorite moments of the year. This includes defeating Columbia Independent 5-0 in the first round of team districts on May 8 in Mexico before falling to North Central Missouri Conference rival Kirksville the next day by the same score.

"Two of the highlights of the season were having a third place finish (QiTao Wang) and a fourth place finish (Griffin Henry) at the Individual District 7 Tournament," said Pemberton. "Another highlight was our first round victory in the Team District 7 Tournament."