The big question at Monday night's city council meeting was what was a nearly 120-pound rock in a pipe doing on the table in front of council members?

The city has had trouble with the Lafayette trunk line. While trying to make repairs to the sewer, crews found the rock inside the 18-inch pipe. Needless to say the rock was restricting the flow of the main line. Also, found around the rock was tons of gravel. Kensey Russell, city engineer/public works director, said the removal of the rock definitely improved the flow, but what effect it will have if there is a large rainfall remains to be seen. "We will have to see," said Russell. He added that at some point the repairs will have to be done with a slip line to hold the rest of the line in tact.

Also during the meeting, the council members approved a resolution authorizing City Manager Bruce Slagle to sign a lease of business property with Cagney Global Logistics located at 2201 Lakeview Road. The company's lease contract is due for renewal at $5,200 a month. Slagle said there were some changes in the agreement including December, January and February as non-paying months due to the lack of insulation in the building. It previously had been four months; and the city will have the right to sale the building. Cagney Global would have the option to match the top offer or it would need to agree to the terms of the new owners. The city is responsible for mechanical maintenance which includes the roof which is not in good shape. Councilman Chris Williams expressed his concerns about having to replace the roof and the cost to the city.

Other resolutions passed including allowing Slagle to sign contract documents with Rhad A. Baker Construction LLC for the 2017 Concrete Project. Bids for the project were advertised with two companies submitting bids. Rhad A. Baker Construction LLC of Fulton came in with the low bid at $46,147.40. The funding is from the annual street maintenance budget. "The project is for the flattening of the intersection at Missouri and Monroe," said Drew Willford, civil engineer. The sidewalks will also need to be replaced to meet ADA standards.

Council members approved to accept the proposal from Piper Jaffray for Public Section Financial Advisory Services to the city of Mexico. The city must make sure certain steps are taken to separate the functions of financial adviser from bond underwriter upon any debt issuance that involves the need for an underwriting firm for bond debt replacement. Piper Jaffray has served the city in the capacity as financial adviser for the prior five year period. "Happy to say we haven't borrowed any money in the past five years," said Roger Haynes, deputy city manager.

The next resolution approved by the council was to authorize Slagle to sign contract agreements with Missouri Petroleum Products Company for the 2017 Micro Seal project. Russell, reported the project exceeded the street budget by $9,000, but the money was available from money saved in the street light project to cover the excess cost. Council gave approval for the project as requested by staff.

The last resolution was to provide funding to the following groups from the Tourism Tax Commission for advertising including: Audrain County Crisis Intervention Services $2,500 for its Nov. 18 Silver Anniversary Bash; Knights of Columbus, $1,500 for its Big Top Brew Fest on Sept. 23; and Mexico Jaycees, $5,000 for the Soybean Festival on Aug. 25-26.

Ordinances approved by council included to vacate the East/West Alley in Block 12 of Highland Addition to the city of Mexico upon request of Dennis and Joann Gregg; and to vacate the east/west alley in Block 2 of Broadwater Addition to the city upon request of William and Patty Voschell; approval to authorize the city of Mexico Department of Public Safety to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in the state of Missouri in the formation of a major case squad; and authorized an agreement with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission regarding signage placement. This is a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce, city of Mexico and Missouri Highway Commission to place a sign under two Mexico city signs stating "Home Court Of Tyronn Lue." The chamber will pay for the signs. Permission needs to be granted from the highway commission for the placement of signs in the right of way and a contract has to be made with another government agency, so the city is the applicant.

In other business the following were appointed to various boards including Land Clearance and Development, Roger Haynes and Dave Wilburn were reappointed; Planning and Zoning, Ron Whittaker was reappointed and Dave Wilburn was appointed to the board; 21st Century Fund, Kathy Craghead was appointed for the term ending in 2020 and Frank Marth and Robert H. Marty were appointed for the terms ending in 2019; Sherri Chedwick was reappointed to the Park Board and new appointees are Brooke Jameson and Colette Kemp.

Council voted to start the June 26 meeting at 6 p.m. instead of 7 p.m.