A group of supporters for Serghei Comerzan held a rally Wednesday around the Audrain County Courthouse.

The protesters wore green shirts with "Justice For Serghei" printed on the front, and carried signs around the building.

Comerzan is charged with second-degree murder and felony resisting arrest in association of the death of Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper James Bava. In May, a mistrial was declared by Judge Ted House in St. Louis County. After the mistrial Comerzan's lawyer filed a motion for judgement of acquittal.

The supports Wednesday said that Trooper Bava was traveling to fast and it was an illegal pursuit. Stacy Barker, Mexico, held a sign stating reasons it was not a legal pursuit. "There is not enough evidence," she told the media. In addition to supporting Comerzan, she was their to show her nonsupport for Audrain County Prosecuting Attorney Jacob Shellabarger. "I am here protesting Shellabarger," she said.

Some of the supporters walked around the courthouse with their signs with different messages from "Fire Shellabarger" to "Where's the Actual Evidence," and "Justice for Serghi.