Even though many people define success differently, the 2017 Missouri Military Academy varsity golf team defined it by winning two events and coming in second and third twice each.

"We played in the Jefferson City Invitational and had a great time. Well run event. Highly recommend it if you can get in," said head coach Thomas Roberts. "(I was proud of) not only how well we played, but our conduct on the course. We received several comments from parents of other schools commending us on our conduct and how the boys were so courteous when playing."

Because this was Roberts first year with the Fighting Colonels, he wasn't real sure how this team compares to the squad in 2016. What he does have is an idea about which way this program is heading and at least one reason why.

"I can tell you that they will be hard to beat next year. I enjoyed watching these young men mature and become stronger players," Roberts said. "Most of all we had a blast at every event. If you want to coach, then coach. Get engaged. You will be rewarded. I guarantee it."

Another reason Roberts believes this program is on the rise is the character of it's athletes. While that might be an easy thing to claim, for some of these athletes it was far from an easy thing to actually do.

"Play supportive of other team members. When one was doing poorly the others would pick them up with positive comments and actions," said Roberts. "Only one player made sectionals. I thought more would go but we played in ruff weather and some of our team members were sick that day with strep throat. They would not tell me until after the meet was completed and they returned to school. When asked why, they did not want to let their team down."