Safety Town 2017, a miniature town layout built to the scale of the kindergartner, is an educational setting in which safety lessons are taught.

Safety Town will continue through Friday with two sessions one in the morning and one in the evening at St. John’s Lutheran Church. Ann Clervi, teacher, said there are 47 students total this year.

Ben Steinman with Ben’s Auto Body, talked to the children Monday morning on seatbelt and airbag safety. He told them to always remember the ABCs of airbag and seatbelt safety. Always slant driver’s seat away from the steering wheel so the airbag doesn’t hit the driver directly in the face; Buckle up; and Children always in the back seat. He brought a simulator to show the children how an airbag works. Other events held throughout the week include: home safety and medicine safety presented by the Audrain County Sheriff's Department; firefighters, Mexico Public Safety; crossing the street; Elroy the Elk will visit to say no to drugs; parked cars/driveways, (see and be seen); riding in a car, Ben Steinman, Ben's Auto Body; safety signs; streets/drivers; fire safety, Little Dixie Fire Protection District; water safety; train safety (video); outdoor safety; electricity safety, Consolidated Electric Cooperative; bicycles/scooters/skates, Audrain County Sheriff's Department; animal safety; crossing guards; bus safety, Curt Jackson, Mexico Public Schools; playground; Audrain Ambulance District will pay a visit; and a video on strangers will be shown.