City Council members voted to pass an ordinance Monday night to allow City Manager Bruce Slagle to enter into an agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation for the TIDP (310) Project. The 2016-27 budget allows $600,000 in the capital projects fund for the reconstruction of Holt Street. The city of Mexico applied through MoDOT to the Federal Highway Administration, for Accelerating Innovative Development funding September 2016. The city has received the requested funding which will be managed through MoDOT. The agreement with MoDOT is the beginning step to the project.

The project is estimated to cost $996,795.50 with $797,436 being in AID funding and the balance coming from the city funds and perhaps Archer Daniels Midland. Kensey Russell, city engineer/public works director said a request has been made for ADM to partner in the funding. "ADM did not say no, but they didn't want to commit because we didn't have the grant yet," said Russell.

The street will be paved with compacting concrete from Green Boulevard to Trinity Street. Compacting concrete has not been used in the state of Missouri and Russell said there are few places that he knows of in the nation that has used it. It is strong, dense concrete and it can be walked on almost immediately. Councilman Chris Williams and Councilwoman Dr. Ayanna Shivers said they hope ADM will partner with the funding. "It would be beneficial to ADM," Shivers said. She asked when the street had last been renovated. Russell said the original pavement (which is still there) was six-inch concrete paved sometime in the 1950s.

Williams said Holt Street would be nice for ADM, but not sure it will solve anything for the people on the street. "I hope we get something from them (ADM)," he said.

Councilman Ron Loesch said it was nice to see things moving along on Holt Street. He has been on the council for nearly 12 years and it has been repaired many times but not replaced. "I'm glad we got a grant to do the project and I believe it help the area," he said.

In other business City Council members voted on a resolution authorizing Slagle to execute an agreement with Jay Jacobi, for the operation of the Mexico Memorial Airport.

The proposal includes a three year contract effective July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2010 with the same conditions as Jacobi's previous contract.

According to Russell Runge, assistant city manager/economic development, Jacobi has been manager of the Mexico Memorial Airport for 16 years and has operated the airport with reliability and demonstrated excellent rapport with uses of the facility.

Council members also passed a resolution authorizing Slagle to enter into agreements with the Mexico School District to assist in providing additional police service at all school district locations. The city would provide one full-time and one part-time School Resource Officer to provide for the safety and protection of the students in the public school system. The costs for these services will be funded by the Mexico School District. Kevin Patrick is the RSO for Mexico High School and Mexico Middle School. Alma Hayes, who has been with Mexico Public Safety since October of 2012, will be the elementary RSO.

An ordinance was passed by title and two readings to establish a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interests for certain municipal officials. In accordance with the provisions of S.B. 262, each political subdivision with an annual operating budget in excess of one million dollars must file personal financial interest statements or devise a code of ethics.

Following the adjournment of the regular meeting, council held an executive meeting.