ONLINE RULES REVIEW: All head and assistant cross country coaches (senior and junior high) are required to take the online rules review ( annually prior to the beginning of your first contest.

RECRUITMENT OF OFFICIALS: We need your help in recruiting new officials and providing them with opportunities to work so they can improve their skills. A brochure to help recruit new officials has been developed by the MSHSAA staff and sent to the athletic administrators of all member senior high schools to be distributed to interested graduating seniors. Student-athletes should be encouraged to become officials.

INTERPRETERS: Are available to coaches and officials for track and field/cross country rule interpretations. (Harris [SE], Dilday [SW], Whittaker [NE], Solsberg [KC] & Thomson [STL]) Please contact your local rule interpreter before calling the MSHSAA office. If further clarification is needed, the interpreters shall contact the MSHSAA Office.

MSHSAA GAME OFFICIALS MANUAL: Officials are reminded to study the MSHSAA Game Officials Manual mailed to you as part of the registration process. It contains information you will need to be familiar with such as registration procedures, minimum renewal standards, instructions for game protests, etc. Please note that the renewal deadline for all officials is July 1 of each year. This renewal deadline applies to all fall, winter and spring sports. Officials registration is available on line on the MSHSAA Website (

SPECIAL REPORT FORMS: Are on the MSHSAA Website. They are to be used to report matters such as officiating procedures, game administration, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc., that need immediate attention. The report may be a complimentary report as well as one to call attention to problems. Officials SHALL penalize and file a special report for all unsportsmanlike conduct. Unsportsmanlike special reports must be filed for all levels of play (junior high, freshman, sophomore, junior varsity and varsity). Under Board of Directors policy, action will be taken against officials who fail to file a report of unsportsmanlike conduct. When unsportsmanlike conduct or misconduct occurs, the school shall forthwith take appropriate action to correct or resolve the matter. Both schools and officials are strongly encouraged to take the time to submit positive reports on outstanding officiating, game administration and good sportsmanship. Note: All special reports will be filled out by logging onto the MSHSAA Website ( and filling out the appropriate special report form.

COACHES' AND OFFICIALS' RESPONSIBILITIES: Both are expected to be professional and business-like toward each other. This type of behavior is to prevail at all times, especially during and after the match. Regardless of the outcome of the match, there is no justification for coaches to ridicule officials. Host schools are to provide security for officials to ensure their safety and well-being. There is to be no admittance to officials' dressing rooms before, during or after matches unless by designated school authorities that is there on official business to carry out their assigned duties. Mutual respect and courtesy shown by both coaches and officials are the keys to providing the proper example and environment for our athletes, students and fans. If a school is dissatisfied with the work of some official(s) don't hassle them -- simply do not rehire them.

OFFICIALS: The required uniform for MSHSAA registered track and field officials includes an all-white officiating shirt (with white or clear buttons and the MSHSAA patch attached to the left sleeve) and black/khaki slacks or black/khaki shorts (all officials at a contest must wear the same color of slacks or shorts). The white shirt may be ordered from “Get Official” online ( or by calling 877-438-4242 (toll free) or 816-880-5390 and asking for item #16MO-Official Missouri Shirt. The required shirt is described as the following: Missouri Multisports Official Shirt (#16MO). Short sleeve, golf-style. Color: white with state logo. Sizes: Unisex SM-XXL (size 3X available via special order). Please call for current pricing information.

2017 CROSS COUNTRY STATE SERIES: Boys and Girls Class 4 District Meets: Saturday, October 21. Boys and Girls Class 4 Sectional Meets: Saturday, October 28. Boys and Girls Classes 1, 2, and 3 District Meets: Saturday, October 28. State Championship All Classes: Saturday, November 4.

SUGGESTED RACE DISTANCES (Boys and Girls): Senior high students – 5000 meters (3.1 miles); 9th grade students – 3200 meters (2 miles); 7th and 8th grade students – 2500 meters (1.5 miles).

SANCTION: Any time a member school competes in a tournament, or invitational meet, by definition, with an out-of-state school(s) the host school must file sanctioning on the MSHSAA website ( at least thirty days in advance. It is the host school's responsibility to see that the form is completed. If your school is an invited school, you shall take the responsibility to see that the host has had the event sanctioned (Reference By-Law 311).

PROTESTS/APPEALS: A coach first protests in writing to the referee. After the referee has rendered a decision, if the coach still feels that the terms and conditions of competition or the application of the rules have been misapplied or misinterpreted, a written appeal shall be made to the jury of appeals (NF Rule 3-5-2). By MSHSAA Board policy, all protests are to be resolved at the contest and the MSHSAA Board/Staff shall not review protests.