Attention all Soccer & Football Players

All soccer and football players will report to campus on July 30th for Pre-Season Training Camp. Please be on campus by 1pm CST on Sunday, July 30th for check-in.

In addition to checking in, we will be conducting Baseline Concussion Testing and other preparations for practices which will begin on Monday, July 31st in accordance with MSHSAA rules and attend an all-fall athletic meeting with the Athletic Director.

Each team will also hold the first team meeting during the evening. It is imperative that all soccer and football athletes arrive on this date so that everyone can get in their mandatory MSHSAA 14 days of practice prior to the first competitions which will begin this year on August 19th.

All soccer and football athletes must have their physical examinations completed using the MAGNUS Health upon arrival.

If you will already be here for ESL camp, you will have the opportunity to take part in soccer or football pre-season training as well.

Items that you should bring are extra underwear, sports socks for practice (extra soccer socks that will fit over shin guards), water bottles, sun screen, bug spray, shin guards (for soccer) and soccer/football cleats.

If you have any further questions, please contact the MMA Athletic Director by email at

Cost for pre-season athletic camps is $250. In return, you will receive sports specific practice gear.