The district meet entry deadline is 4:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the meet. The official entry process is an online website, which a head coach must access at A late-entry penalty fee of $100 per entry shall be charged for entries after 4:00 p.m.

The deadline to submit late entries for sectional and state meets is 4:00 p.m. on the Monday before the meet, and no entries shall be accepted after the established date and time. A $100 fine shall be assessed per student-athlete for such late entries (the fine does not apply to substitutions).

A race shall be recalled by firing the starting device when a competitor falls during the first 100 meters due to contact with another competitor.

Eligibility Rosters: Your school administrator must submit a cross country eligibility roster through the MSHSAA website ( no later than one day prior to the school’s first regular season contest. Any student whose name is included on the school’s cross country eligibility roster may be used as a substitute for a team member at the district, sectional, or state meet.

If, on the rare occasion, a school qualifies five or more individuals to the next level of competition without qualifying as a team, the school shall compete as a team at the next level with those qualifying runners only.

Running alongside a competitor for five or more strides is considered pacing.

In the absence of a directional flag at a turn on a cross country course marked by a single line, the runners must consider the ground marking the same as a lane line on a track.

Regular Season Terms and Conditions:

A senior high school shall schedule and participate in no more than 10 regular season meets per season at each level of competition (varsity, junior varsity, sophomore, or freshman).

A school must schedule/participate in at least 5 regular season meets, to be eligible to participate in the district meet.

Each student must participate in at least one regular season meet, to be eligible to participate in the district meet.

Per season, a school may participate in one out-of-state, multi-school (more than two schools) contest beyond 250

miles of the border of Missouri.

Refer to the MSHSAA Cross Country Manual for restrictions on open/extra races/events held during the season.

Ties in team scoring shall be resolved by comparing the sixth-place finisher from the tying teams. The team with

the best sixth-place finisher shall prevail. If one team does not have a sixth-place finisher, the team with the sixth- place finisher shall prevail. If only five competitors of tying teams finish, the tie shall be resolved by totaling the scores of the first four finishers.

The items permitted in a legal competitor’s uniform are defined in NFHS rules 4-3-1. All uniforms worn in high

Providing liquids during competition to a competitor by a non-competitor is permitted, as long as other competitors are not interfered with (NFHS Rule 9-7-4 Note).

A physician’s statement must be presented to the meet director/referee prior to the beginning of the meet for a competitor to use an atomizer during competition containing a prescription asthmatic drug (NFHS Rule 4-5-8 Note).

State Meet Terms and Conditions:

Admission to the State Cross Country Championships is $8.00 per person. Children 6 and under will be

admitted free of charge.

The state meet course has been reserved for 3:30 p.m. on Friday (the day before the state meet) and for all day the day of the meet.

Dogs and bicycles are not permitted on the Oak Hills Golf Center property.

Coaches may pick up school packets on Saturday morning beginning at 7:00 a.m.

Inspectors/umpires will be stationed around the course to report any potential rule infraction.

The finish places and times shall be determined via a computer chip method (when computer chips are worn on the

feet, the finish time and place of a participate are determined by his/her feet, not the torso).

At the state meet, coaches shall disclose in writing all pre-existing medical conditions (i.e., an athlete susceptible to

exercise-induced asthma) to the coordinator of the medical staff at or before the coaches meeting.

There will be NO GOLF CARTS available for coaches or spectators at the course. If someone should need assistance to a location on the course, help will be available.