When I first got here I checked every college athletic roster in the state for local players.

I also searched far and wide for the names of the areas most prominent on-field performers from the past. Along the way I also got help from people like Brenda Fike, Carl Hirst and Darren Pappas when it comes to featuring the areas best, both past and present.
The information people have provided has been as valuable as it is appreciated and I'd have never found plenty of these names without this kind of input. Well, two high school dead periods later and I'm all out of names.
Currently I'm going back through every collegiate athletic roster trying to verify who's still competing and who isn't. The problem is many of these schools don't yet have every 2017-18 roster posted to their website, so until that happens I've got nothing.
Sure, there are people who definitely meet the standard and would be great to talk to that haven't been featured yet. But those people, like Segado "Cookie" Belcher and Ryan "Fuzzy" Belcher, haven't responded to my requests, and believe me, I asked so many times the silence I got in return spoke volumes.
People have the right to say no. Nobody had to talk to me. Besides, the best stories come from people who want to be in the paper because those individuals are generally open, honest & enthusiastic about the process.
You, on the other hand, may just know a current or former area athlete who competed collegiately. For example, the individuals who went to school out of state are nearly impossible to find without a heads up. So, if that person or persons wants to talk, please feel free to share that name and contact info. After all, it only takes about a minute to verify almost any actual accomplishment. But, if it takes longer than that, we're both probably going to end up disappointed.

In completely unrelated news, ever since Donald Trump was elected President apparently other noteworthy individuals are entering the political ring in some shape or form. For example, Kid Rock recently launched a website to promote his upcoming run for congress in Michigan.
Horrible idea. Education happens in the classroom, not a tour bus. He's simply not qualified.
Caitlyn Jenner has also discussed a possible Senate run in California. Nope. Fill in your own reason why. Ridiculous.
Former Paris resident and longtime WWE Superstar Kane, AKA Glen Jacobs, has delved even further into his political ambitions and is currently campaigning for mayor of Knox County, Tn. The difference between this trio is Jacobs attended Truman State.
Now, there's a rumor that in 2018 Columbia's Carl Edwards wants to run against Claire McCaskill for Senate. The problem for me is he doesn't have a college degree. Sure, he went to Mizzou for three years. Beyond that his professional existence had revolved around driving really fast & turning left. Is that enough?