Even though the Missouri Military Academy varsity football team has a jamboree coming up this weekend, that wasn't the focus when the Colonel's held an inter-squad scrimmage Saturday.

"We're worried about Van-Far 6 right now. The jamboree is nice. It's a great thing for us. We've never played in one before, but our focus is week one," said head coach Mitchell Jenkins. "Right now we're going through our preparations for Van-Far6. Eventually we'll take a break. Maybe Thursday night we'll walk through some things for the jamboree. We just want to get our repetitions in and have our base offense close to perfect."

One position the coaching staff had its eyes at home over the weekend was quarterback. Last season Sean Fitzgerald manned the position skillfully for the Colonels. Now that he's taking the field for Missouri Valley, there were two contenders to that thrown at the start of this event, and when it was over both individuals were still in the running.

"We've got two different types of quarterbacks. Lucas Killian is more your typical passer. He's a bigger kid. Fransisco Fletes is more athletic and fits in our offense when we run things like a quarterback lead," said Jenkins. "We haven't made a decision yet who the starter will be. There neck-to-neck so far. They give is two different looks. They might both play in week one against Van-Far6. One guy might step up at the jamboree next week. We'll see."

The offensive backfield, on the other hand, has already sorted itself out. That's important for the Colonel's because there will definitely be opportunities this season to get production from that position, and the fact this dynamic duo has plenty of on-field experience bodes well for what lies ahead.

"Styles Fountain is a senior for us. He's been here three years. When he's on he can carry the team. He's got that homerun threat to him," Jenkins said. "Matt Thibodeau is a junior from Dallas who plays that Texas style of football where he's going to put his shoulder down and get you. Styles has the explosiveness where Thibodeau is definitely a traditional fullback. Four yards and a cloud of dust."

As for the wide receiver position, MMA plans on being creative on how it gets the ball into the hands of those individuals. They also have their special teams refined to a point the staff feels consistent production is a very attainable goal.

"Wrayvous Givens is from right here in Mexico. He never missed a workout over the summer and even made the 900 lb. club as a 140 lb. sophomore," said Jenkins. "Wrayvous works his tail off for us. We don't know yet where he's going to play for us, but he's going to play somewhere. Fletes will probably place kick for us. He did it last year and did a great job. There's no reason not to have him do it again."

Because of their participation numbers, the format for this event consisted of the starting offense facing a defense that consisted of the rest of the roster. That scenario then got flipped when it came time for the starting defense to put its work in.

"We played hard and looked good. First time out I was a little scared because of injuries and things like that. We've got some things we still need to clean up, but we practiced hard tonight," Jenkins said. "The weather couldn't have been better. If we had a little snow it would be just like late September. Everybody, for the most part, was assignment correct. That helped a lot, but mostly we were looking at effort. I think our effort is where it needs to be right now."