2017 Varsity Volleyball Jamboree Information

Mexico High School is hosting a Volleyball Jamboree on Saturday morning August 12th at 10:00 AM on the Gary Filbert Court.

Admission: $3.00 Adults and $2.00 Students


Refer to MSHSAA By-Law 3.16.5 for general rules regarding the preseason scrimmage. Volleyball teams have an opportunity to scrimmage other schools prior to their first regular season contest. Each school will be allowed to participate in only one preseason volleyball scrimmage. The scrimmage may be conducted after your team has completed nine conditioning practices and before your first contest. Team scoring and all NFHS rules shall be followed and enforced. Teams may wear practice or game uniforms.

The scrimmage can be a three or four team format only. When there are three schools participating, a maximum of four sets (two against each team to 21 points) shall be allowed. When there are four schools participating, a maximum of six sets (two against each team to 15 points) shall be allowed. Point caps are at the host’s discretion.

4-Team Format:

10:00 AM: Mexico-Fulton 10:30 AM: Montgomery County-Brookfield 11:00 AM: Mexico-Montgomery County 11:30 AM: Fulton-Brookfield 12:00 PM: Mexico-Brookfield 12:30 PM: Fulton-Montgomery County


Openings are available now

The Thursday Night Coachmen's League at Mexico Lanes has openings for individuals and teams for the upcoming season, which starts Aug. 17 at 6 p.m. with an informational meeting. The action will take place on Thursdays starting at 6:30 p.m. until about 10 p.m. or so and the schedule lasts for about 34 weeks. Details: Bob Bohrer, 573-253-5000.