After losing years season opener at Van-Far 75-37, the Missouri Military Academy is looking to avenge that loss, a process that began some time ago and culminated Friday at a three-team jamboree.

"Tonight we were at the Saint Louis Public School Jamboree and we scrimmaged against Cleveland, Junior ROTC and Roosevelt High School," said head coach Micthell Jenkins. "I loved how we played defensively. We rallied to the ball real well. We played Roosevelt second, and our guys were a little bit tanked, a little gassed, but we shut them out. That shows what kind of tenacity our kids are playing with right now. A lot of heart and a lot of effort. I'm very happy with how we played defensively."

Because Jenkins and his staff were only able to learn so much from last weeks inter-squad scrimmage, this event proved to be a test for MMA on almost every level. Now the coaches are going to take all they've learned and try and fine tune their efforts.

"The things we still need to work on are basic football like blocking and tackling. There was alittle bit of confusion with our assignments,and we need to be assignment correct," Jenkins said. "We've got a long way to go to be where we want to be. I'm never satisfied with anything and I don't want the kids to ever be satisfied, eitther."

One issue the Fighting Colonel's were finally able to lay to rest is whether Fransicos Fletes or Lucas Killion will be their starting quarterback. Jenkins was tight-lipped as to his decision, though, mostly because he doesn't want to give the opposition an unnecessary advantages.

"We did make a decision at quarterback and we're very confident in that decision. People will find out who we picked Friday night," said Jenkins. "We had a couple guys stand out tonight that were surprises. I'm pretty excited about what we could be. We're just not there yet. We've got a long way to go."