A public hearing was held by the Mexico City Council Monday night to establish the 2017 property tax levy rates.

City Manager Bruce R. Slagle told the council the state auditor's office calculates the allowable property tax rates based on keeping revenue neutral, exclusive of new construction.

The tax levy for tax year 2017/fiscal year 2018, is as follows: general fund 0.4261, compared to 0.4364 in fiscal year 2017; parks and recreation 0.0976, compared to 0.1000 in fiscal year 2017; and public health, 0.1953, compared to 0.2000 in fiscal year 2017. The total tax levy per $100 assessed value for fiscal year 2018 is 0.7190, compared to 07.364 for fiscal year 2017.

Over the past 10 years, the total tax levy ranged from a high 0.8150 in 2012 to a low of 0.7150 in 2013.

The property assessed for tax year 2017 and fiscal year 2018 includes real estate $101,910,980; personal, $38,550,470 and railroads and utilities $9,420,191 for a total of $149,881,641.

Later in the regular meeting council members passed an ordinance to accept the tax levy on all property for the fiscal year October 1, 2017 to September 30 2018.

Prior to the public hearing, Patrick Kelly, Mexico Area Operations Manager for Missouri American Water Company gave a presentation on water rate increases. He said they are getting in touch with the public and informing their customers about the company. Mexico has approximately 90 miles of water line. He told of some of the upgrades needed in Mexico including redoing water mains southwest of the intersection of Boulevard and Clark. The age of the mains date back to the 1930s. "To replace the mains would be more cost effective," Kelly said. Repairs are also needed at the water treatment plant. Kelly said if there is a rate increase it would not take place until June 2018. The rate increase with help with the repairs. With the rate change, the fixed charge (water meters and flat rates) will go down, but the volumetric charge (how much water is used) would go up.

During the regular meeting the council passed a resolution authorizing Slagle to sign change order No. 1 with Plan B Development for Fairgrounds Park Stormwater Project. During the completion of the stormwater project, a layer of highly expansive clay was discovered on the site. To maintain a construction timeline for the contractor to erect the shelter, a time and materials change order has been requested by Plan B Development to provide a 7,000 cubic foot over dig and fill of engineered law volume fill. The work will allow the shelter building pad to be ready on time for the delivery of the new shelter. The cost would amount to $11,360. Chad Shoemaker, parks & recreation director said the amount is within the budgeted amount of the overall project.

Also approved by the council were the following:

. Missouri Builder's Service Inc.'s bid of $11,364 for the roof replacement of the Digester Control Building at the Wastewater Treatment Facility. Missouri Builder's Service is out of Jefferson City.

. Funding in the amount of $8,500 for the Audrain County Historical Society's Walk Back In Time event. The requested amount was $9,867.92.

. Authorize Slagle to execute amendment No. 1 to the Mexico memorial Airport apron expansion agreement for construction services. The Missouri Highway Commission's original approval of funding is not sufficient to cover the costs associated with the expansion and has increased the grant amount. Amendment No 1 adds additional funding for construction costs for the project.