In its fourth matchup of 2017, three of which have been on the road, the Mexico varsity girl's tennis team got one step closer to winning the North Central Missouri Conference title by winning 11-1 at Hannibal on Tuesday.

"We began the match at Hannibal with singles and it was very hot. The heat was very challenging for both sides, but we prevailed, which was a great start," said coach Kim Costley. "Elayna Samm came from behind, and while her game wasn’t going her way, she stayed mentally strong to pull out her singles match. Jennifer Jacobi remains unbeaten in singles with a personal record of 4-0."


No. 1 Grace Wortmann (M) def. Ahlyn Nichols, 10-0

No. 2 Andrea Martin def Julie Rothermich, (M) 10-8

No. 3 Elayna Samm (M) def. Blair Burton, 10-7

No. 4 Hannah Rogers (M) def. Elizabeth Stilley. 10-5

No. 5 Jennifer Jacobi (M) def. Kylee Johnson, 10-1

No. 6 Becca Kristofferson (M) def. Kelsey Perrigo, 10-4



No. 1 Wortmann/Samm (M) def. Nichols/Martin, 10-4

No. 2 McKeown/Rogers (M) def. Burton/Stiley, 10-5

No. 3 Rothermich/Jacobi (M) def. Johnson/Perrigo, 10-0

No. 4 Kristofferson/Prater (M) def. Pritchett/Brummell, 10-7

No. 5 Prater/Phillips (M) def. Broughton/Karr, 10-6

No. 6 Makayla Cash/Natalie Phillips (M) def. VOID


"The girls again played with new doubles partners, but found a way to win all the matches," Costley said. "I love the fact that they willingly work with each partner and keep a positive attitude. Diane Mendez and Makayla Cash worked well together communicating and moving to cover the court. We will be at home on Thursday to play Kirksville at 4:00. They have a very similar record to us, so I look for it to be a competitive match."