Students attending Mexico High School this year, along with their parents, had the opportunity to visit classrooms and teachers, as well as the new administration during an open house on Wednesday.

After a tour was taken of the building, parents and students gathered in Emmons Hall where the principal, assistant principal, activities director/assistant principal and counselor, gave information on what to expect this year.

Principal Brad Ellebracht welcomed those in attendance. Ellebracht served as assistant principal for the past five years at MHS, but this will be his first year as principal. He introduced other administrators and office personnel. He told parents this year they are focusing on connection. "It is important to have the kids connect to us, each other and teachers," said the principal. He also told the parents not to hesitate to call if they need anything. "That's what we are here for," he said.

Jeff Anderson, activities director/assistant principal, touched on sports and activities offered at MHS. He stated that last year all but three teams made the MSHSAA Scholastic Team. This means the students on each team averaged a 3.0 or higher grade point average. "Academics come first," he said. "Scholarships are mostly given for academics, and few for athletics. You should be a good student first," Anderson added. "If you need help we are here to help you," Anderson said.

New to the administrative team this year is Travis Blevins, assistant principal. He urged parents to make sure their children have a good attendance record. "It is important that your kids have good attendance and are here on time," he said. "We have a network here to support each and every kid," he added.

When introducing the guidance counselors, Ellebracht said the counselors play an important part at MHS. "The counselors work hard and put the students first. They do a lot of things for you (students)," he said.

Counselor Mark Holman also addressed the parents and students. He explained progress reports and grade cards. He also talked about the A+ program which helps pay for college. To qualify students need to have a 2.5 GPA, 50 tutor hours and be proficient in the End Of Course Exam. "If you have any concerns stop by our office," he said. Other counselors are Emily Ellis and Kaitlin Hopke. Gail Lankford is the guidance secretary.