Even the best of varsity tennis teams have the occasional off day, and for the Mexico girl's that day was Tuesday when the team hosted Palmyra for a non-league matchup and lost 9-0.

"This was not our best outing. We have to learn how to close out deuce games," said coach Kim Costley. "Several girls had many deuce games, but were unable to capitalize."



No. 1 Grace Wortmann (M) def. by Kendra Maples, 8-3

No. 2 Sophie McKeown (M) def. by Emmy Griesbaum, 8-0

No. 3 Julie Rothermich (M) def. by Raegan Barnett, 8-4

No. 4 Hannah Rogers (M) def. by Amy Bryan, 8-0

No. 5 Jennifer Jacobi (M) def. by Robby Meyers, 8-2

No. 6 Becca Kristofferson (M) def. by Sami Bross, 8-6



No. 1 Wortmann/McKeown (M) def. by Maples/Griesbaum, 8-3

No. 2 Rothermich/Elayna (M) DNP, injury

No. 3 Rogers/Jacobi (M) def. by Meyers/Bross, 8-2

No. 4 Kristofferson/Catie Prater (M) def. by Shamwell/Fountain, 8-0

No. 5 Gracie Prater/Ellen Phillips (M) def. by Fountain/Dent, 8-3

No. 6 Makayla Cash/Natalie Phillips (M) def. by Dent/Lehenbauer, 8-2



Diane Mendez/Isabelle Riportella (M) def. by Palmyra, 8-4

Lexi Winterbower/Ruthie Duncan (M) def. by Palmyra, 8-3

Baylee Crow/Megan Polacek (M) def. by Palmyra, 8-5

Jackie Riportella/Stephanie Mendez (M) def. by Palmyra, 8-1

Madilynn Walker-Karhoff/Sydney Mills (M) def. by Palmyra, 6-1

Kate Nowlin/Sanne Renard (M) def. by Palmyra, 8-2


Mexico hosted Battle on Wednesday and Moberly on Thursday for a North Central Missouri Conference match.

"We hope to come out with a little more focus and have more purpose," Costley said.