In the final contest of a four-meet homestand on Thursday, the Mexico varsity tennis team beat Moberly in North Central Missouri Conference action 7-5.

"We knew that this was going to be a close match based on common opponents. While the match could have gone either way, we were able to string together enough games to pull out the win," said coach Kim Costley. "We had several close matches which made for an exciting night. Julie Rothermich got down and came storming back with eight wins in a row to get the win. We had several doubles teams play well, and Ellen Phillips and Gracie Prater continue to dominate."



No. 1 Grace Wortmann, 10-1

No. 2 Sophie McKeown, 8-10

No. 3 Julie Rothermich, 10-5

No. 4 Hannah Rogers, 0-10

No. 5 Jennifer Jacobi, 10-7

No. 6 Becca Kristofferson, 10-5



No. 1 Wortmann/Rothermich, 10-2

No. 2 McKeown/Rogers, 7-10

No. 3 Jacobi/Kristofferson, 10-10 (3-7) tiebreaker

No. 4 Catie Prater/Natalie Phillips, 5-10

No. 5 Gracie Prater/Ellen Phillips, 10-0

No. 6 Makayla Cash/Diane Mendez, 10-8



Lexi Winterbower/Ruthie Duncan, 6-3

Isabella Riportella/Baylee Crow, 4-6

Stephanie Mendez/Megan Polacek, 3-6

Stephanie Mendez/Jackie Riportella, 6-6 (3-5) tiebreaker

Maddie Walker-Karhoff/Sanne Renard, 6-2

Sydney Mills/Kate Nowlin, 6-4


The Lady Bulldogs also won 12-0 at home on Sept. 6 against Battle, which only had 11 athletes, 9-0.

"It was good to see our doubles teams play aggressively at the net and take some risks. Sophie McKeown has returned and seems to be hitting and serving well," Costley said. "Catie Prater got to play singles and came from behind to force a tiebreaker. While she wasn’t able to pull it out, she fought back and got to experience the feelings that go with a tiebreaker. Grace Wortmann dominated in her singles to a player who beat her last year in a close match, so it’s good to see her growth."



No. 1 Wortmann (M) def. Kaitlyn Bailey, 8-1

No. 2 McKeown (M) def. Maleah Ray, 8-3

No. 3 Rothermich (M) def. Margaret Classen, 8-2

No. 4 Rogers (M) def. Alissa Perkins, 8-1

No. 5 Jacobi (M) def. Laura Kaufman, 8-2

No. 6 Kristofferson (M) def. Jaylie Echtermach, 8-0



No. 1 Wortmann/Rothermich (M) def. Bailey/Classen, 8-6

No. 2 McKeown/Rogers (M) def. Ray/Perkins, 8-5

No. 3 Jacobi/Kristofferson (M) def. Kaufman/Echtermach, 8-0



Catie Prater (M) def. Emma McCormick, 8-8 (0-7) tiebreaker



G. Prater/E. Phillips (M) def. Kaufman/Echtermach, 8-0

Cash/Diane Mendez (M) def. Dolinger/Bentley, 8-1

N. Phillips/Crow (M) def. by Perkins/McCormick, 2-6

Winterblower/Duncan (M) def. Kaufman/Echtemach, 6-3

I. Riportella/Polacek (M) def. Dollinger/Bentley, 6-6 (6-2) tiebreaker

S. Mendez/Renard (M) def. Dwyer/Ballew, 7-5

J. Riportella/Nowlin def. by Dwyer/Ballew, 3-6


Mexico, 4-3 overall, 2-2 NCMC, hosts Fulton for a league matchup on Monday.