Despite the fact things didn't get off to the start it was hoping for, the Mexico varsity boy's soccer team still knew what it had to do at home against Southern Boone on Tuesday.

It's the little things that become the biggest problems, though, which is how the Bulldogs ended up on the wrong end of a 7-0 decision.

"We came out tough, ready to play, but a goal against us in the first five minutes did not shut us down. This has been one of the better times we've played," said coach Chris Hawkins. "We weren't holding onto the ball for a long time and making sure we passed to feet when on the attack. When we were getting the ball out of the back field we just kicked it up the field without purpose. Unfortunately, we gave a couple of their players too much room when defending and they were able to get a shot off."

Because of the intensity they played with, the Bulldogs were only down 3-0 at the break. Mexico then tried to take it to Southern Boone from the wing in the second half and found that strategy just as frustrating.

"We were still in it. We kept up with the same intensity because we could not let Southern Boone run all over," Hawkins said. "They had high energy and we had to keep up with them because they were great coming back to play defense."

In the JV game the Bulldogs, 0-6-2, were defeated 8-2 after going into halftime trailing 7-0..

"Southern Boone's JV didn't have the same high intensity as the varsity, but they played quickly. Our passes were not spot on, but we weren't in the right spot for our players to get the ball," said Hawkins. "We're still working on passing with purpose and finding open space. We had a couple of breakdowns and a really unlucky hop from a shot that hit a tuft. When the second half started we came out wanting to play and not be mercy ruled. We were finally connecting passes and working up the ball better."

Scoring twice was Diego Vasquez and Mahummad Waheed had an assist.

Mexico, 3-8 overall, 2-4 North Central Missouri Conference, is at the Missouri Military Academy on Thursday.