By Brenda Fike Ledger Managing Editor The Board of Education honored a school district retiree, heard an update on the construction on the schools, approved a bid for Eugene Field windows, and voted to pay for one ACT exam for eleventh-graders.

Prior to the business meeting, Board of Education President Dr. Peter Perll, presented Richard Winn, a golden apple for his retirement. Winn has been a custodian in the district since 2012.

After approving the consent agenda and approval of bills, JE Dunn/Hollis & Miller gave an update on the construction on the schools. Chris Orellana from JE Dunn, told the board they did not make as much progress in August as they had hoped. He did report, the final coat has been placed on the Mexico Middle School gym floor and the bleachers relocation will be September 26. "This will give time for the floor to cure," Orellana.

Another delay is the tuck pointing at Mexico High School. The stones taken down are falling apart and making it difficult to make a new mold. "The molds are for 36 unique pieces," Orellana said. The rest of the stones are in place.

There are also some issues with plumbing at Eugene Field. Orellana said there is a problem connecting the new system into the existing system. He said they are working on it and will have it corrected as soon as possible.

Board member Kelli Teel said she was concerned about the secure entrances into the buildings. She was assured the students are safe. "No one can get access from outside to the hallway," said Zachary Templeton, superintendent of schools.

In other business, the board approved a bid for $29,600 from GBH Builders to replace windows at Eugene Field Elementary.

Perll announced the state will not be funding the administration of the ACT to juniors beginning this school year. He said it was up to the board if they wanted to pay for the exams. Board member Dustin Pascoe made a motion for the board to pay for one free ACT for 11th graders. It was seconded by Teel and passed 6-0-0. Scott Hobbs was not present at the meeting.

Following the adjournment of the regular session, board members held an executive session to discuss personnel issues.