The first time the Mexico varsity soccer team faced Fulton on Aug. 24, it was just its second game of the regular season and first on the road.

Because the Bulldogs were coming off a better offseason, it showed that day. Now that the state tournament is about a month away this game became much more competitive in the rematch at home on Tuesday. The one thing the Hornets couldn't foresee was this team's will to stop the losing streak it was on, and even though it took them an extra session, Mexico finally won in overtime 2-1.

"This is the second time facing Fulton and we saw a completely different team from our first game with them," said coach Chris Hawkins. "We had a bit more of a challenge with them this time as has everyone else in our conference. We were playing great soccer, but we were still having trouble talking to each other. The first half was scoreless and we knew they were going to strong. We finally put one in the back of the net from making sure we were following our shots."

Connecting on that goal for the Bulldogs was Alex Dukes on a pass from Alan Ventura. While that would've been enough right there to bring home the victory, shortly there after Mexico charted an own-goal, which sent the game to an extra-session deadlocked at 1-1.

"We had to play golden. We had a job to do and thankfully we got the job done quickly and ending our losing streak," Hawkins said. "The game winning goal was made by Diego Vasquez and assisted by Alex Dukes."

In the JV game the Bulldogs, 1-8-2 overall, won 4-1. Because of a penalty kick and untimely passing, scoring unassisted for Mexico four times was Diego Vasquez.

"The JV was really on their game and they were looking for their first win of the season. They were passing the ball well and making sure we were playing to feet," said Hawkins. "Fulton played a physical game, but the boys did not let them get bullied off the ball. I was impressed from the difference between playing against Helias (last Thursday) to Fulton."

The Bulldogs, 4-11 overall, 3-5 North Central Missouri Conference, are hosting a tournament on Oct. 7.