By Brenda Fike

Ledger Managing Editor

Classes and activities at Missouri Military Academy in Mexico returned to normal Wednesday morning, after administrators were alerted to a potential threat Tuesday morning. The threat was in the form of an anonymous note written on the wall of one of the campus restrooms by a student, according to a press release from MMA. As a precaution, the cadets were immediately moved to the campus chapel in order to facilitate an investigation into the matter. Officials also contacted Mexico Public Safety for their assistance.

After a thorough search of all cadets, cadet backpacks and campus facilities, they found no weapons of any kind.

According to Mexico Public Safety Major Brice Mesko, Public Safety assisted in the incident, but it is not being treated as a crime. "MMA is handling it as a disciplinary action," Mesko said Wednesday morning. He added that MMA was not on lockdown during the incident.

As a precaution, McMillan Elementary School, located in the vicinity of MMA was put on lockdown for a short time.

"We were made aware that MMA had an issue that caused the school to lock down," said Dr. Zachary Templeton, Mexico Public School Superintendent. "Our response was to contact Mexico Public Safety to determine if there was cause for concern and what the level of threat was," he added.

Templeton said they were informed by Public Safety that the matter at MMA was not cause for McMillan to go into lockdown. "McMillan and Early Childhood Center were able to continue in their normal routines," he said.