On Tuesday, October 10, Mexico Public Safety received between 12-20 reports of attempted phone scams, according to a press release from MPSD. According to the release, the majority of the callers were posing as the IRS and trying to arrange for an immediate payment using money cards. Other calls included the caller posing as a family member in a foreign jail needing money sent immediately, or a utility requiring immediate payment. At least one of the calls had the number “spoofed” and falsely appeared to come from SSM Health/St. Mary’s Hospital-Audrain. Public safety reminds citizens that they should never give personal identification information or bank account information out to someone who calls them. Any company the citizen actually does business with will already have that information. Utilities and legitimate businesses do not require payment by money card or money orders. No legitimate prize requires payment of any taxes or fees up front, and no legitimate person needs someone to put money into a bank account and return a portion.