Elected county and city officials gathered Thursday morning outside the Audrain County Courthouse for a prayer meeting.
Leading in prayers were Bryce Kristofferson, pastor at Centennial Baptist Church,  Joseph Pike, the new pastor at First Baptist Church, and Dr. John Yeats, executive director of the Missouri Baptist Convention.
Yeats has been traveling around the state to pray for counties and elected officials. He is having prayer meetings in all 114 county seats in the state of Missouri. On Thursday he was traveling to four different counties.
The meetings stem from Franklin Graham's visits to each state capitol to pray for the nation.
Kristofferson opened the meeting by thanking everyone who attended the 8 a.m. prayer meeting. He also introduced Yeats who spoke to those attending. Yeats, who has been the executive director of the Missouri Baptist Convention for six years, said the country needs Godly leadership. "We have a lot of brokenness in our culture," he said.
"We are visiting all 114 counties and the city of St. Louis, to pray with officials," he said. "We are very much concerned for our nation, but we are also concerned about our cities and our counties, and we appreciate your work very much," Yeats added.
"We also recognize jurisdictional leadership," he said. He said that concept is being a leader - a Godly leader. "We operate in many different jurisdictions in life. We have family, education, city, county, state, business," Yeats stated.
Yeats said they (ministers) are grateful for the leadership in the county. "That is why we have gathered here today, to pray specifically for you because you hold the key to being able to make a difference in our culture for good, righteousness and justice," Yeats stated.
Yeats told the elected officials there are expectations they should anticipate from those who are in the preaching community. Three to be specific.  
"First, to pray for you, your family and for your protection; second, pay we pay taxes, and three we are promoters of peace in our communities."
After Yeats’ presentation, and prayers by the ministers, Kristofferson informed those attending, about the ministers in Mexico meeting each month to pray for the county and state. He also said if anyone has concerns or would like to speak at one of the meetings should contact Centennial Baptist Church and they will forward on the information to him. The group meets on the first Thursday of each month at various locations.