Mexico High School students held a reception and panel discussion with area veterans on Thursday in observance of Veterans Day.

The event was held in the Sports Complex. Before the event, students wrote questions for the veterans. Serving as moderator and asking the questions to the veterans was MHS teacher Roger Turner.

Before the program Principal Brad Ellebracht welcomed the veterans and told the students this was a time to learn from the veterans.

Turner thanked everyone for coming to honor the veterans. To begin the program, the JROTC presented the colors. The pledge of allegiance was recited by everyone present, and a group of MHS students sang the National Anthem.

Veterans taking part in the program, their branch of service and how many years they served were Bill Early, USMC, two years; Bernard Strunk, U.S. Army, 11 years; Howard Thurman, USMC, four years; Joe Vittone, U.S. Army, two years; Terry McCameron, U.S. Air Force, 20 years; Walter Hollis, U.S. Army, and Michael Little, USMC, 27 years.

The first question to the veterans was if they would encourage someone to go into the military. Some of the veterans said they would, while others said no they would not. "I would never discourage or encourage it," said Strunk who volunteer to join the U.S. Army. Strunk along with the others said to join the military is something personal. They also told the students to make sure they know what they are getting into. "You will be pushed and will grow," said Hollis.

Little said those joining the military need to go in with their eyes wide open. He told them they will serve their nation and will learn to put other things and other people above themselves.

Other questions included how many countries they visited and which one they enjoyed most. Germany, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Hawaii and Malta were the top answers of where they visited. They were asked if the military changed them as a person. McCameron said he learned how to respect others and himself. Early said he learned discipline among other things. Little said he learned the appreciation of other countries and here in the U.S. "I learned to appreciate what we have here," he said.

FCCLA club members provided refreshments for the veterans prior to the question and answer program in the Sports Complex lobby.