The Mexico City Council held a public meeting Monday night for the proposed recodification of the code of the city of Mexico.

"The Mexico City Code is undergoing the first major update since 1988," said City Manager Bruce Slagle.

Recent Ordinances will be incorporated, and provisions are being brought into line with changes to Missouri State Statutes.

Slagle said recodification is a careful editing of the code to bring it into line with state law, remove inconsistencies and obsolete provisions, and incorporate new ordinances passed since the code was last updated. The city's code is a living document that evolves with the city.

Some updates include animals, businesses, cemeteries; courts and jail; emergency management and services, health and public welfare, human relations, offenses and nuisances, parks and recreation and other public facilities, streets, sidewalks.

There will be two readings by title only before an ordinance adopting the new revised code will be voted on by council. The first reading will be held in December.

There were no public comments at the meeting.

At Monday night's regular City Council meeting, council members passed an ordinance making Cauthorn Street a one-way street from East Liberty to East Promenade. The changes arises from council concerns regarding the usage of Cauthorn Street as a two-way roadway. Cauthorn Street runs north-south between East Promenade Street and East Liberty Street. This street is 15 feet wide and has one alley and one driveway that both intersect the street on the east side.

Resolutions passed Monday night included one to authorize the city manager to enter into an agreement with the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce, the County of Audrain and Audrain Development Inc. d/b/a Progress Mexico to assist in economic development activities in the city of Mexico for the budget year 2017-2018. Each entity will contribute $5,000 for support in the cost of the economic development activities listed in the agreement. After one reading, council passed the resolution. "This is a renewal agreement," Slagle told the council.

The second resolution authorizes Slagle to enter into an agreement with the Mexico Senior Nutrition Center to assist in providing services for senior citizens. The budget allows for the city to contribute to the Mexico Senior nutrition Center $14,000 to assist in the offset of operational costs related to providing programs, activities and nutritional luncheon services. After one reading council passed the resolution. Ione Bickell, administrator of the center, spoke to the council and told them the were very appreciate of the support given to them by the city. She also reported that 58,000 meals were served in the last fiscal year.

The final resolution was to authorize Slagle to enter into an agreement with the Laura Miller George Help Center to offset operational costs related to providing services to citizens. The budget allows for the city to contribute to the Help Center $5,000 for the use in the offset of operational costs related to providing programs, activities and services to citizens.

Phil Iman, director of the Help Center also addressed the council expressing his appreciation. He explained how the food is distributed to residents. "We have a new method of distribution," he said. Instead of giving a bundle of food to residents, they now go around and and can choose the food they want on need. "It gives them a choice," Iman stated.

An ordinance was passed to set the dates of the 2018 Municipal General Election, and establish the time period for candidate filing. Filing will begin with the city clerk on December 12, 2017 and end on January 16, 2018. The Municipal General Election date will be held Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

The terms of Ron Loesch and Chris Miller will expire in April 2018.

In other business, a report was presented to the council on the 2018 dental insurance coverage. The staff has been reviewing group dental insurance bids for the upcoming benefit year and has received four dental insurance quotes. Giving full consideration to pricing submitted from providers, past service experience, benefit coverage, area network, percentage of UCR, MetLife provides the best overall dental plan for the upcoming plan year. Roger Haynes, deputy city manager, told council members, the renewal price from their present provider. "It did not come in as well as we hoped," he said. So the began to look for a new provider. Gallaher Insurance Group will be the agency of record.

Several board appoints were voted on Monday night including openings on the Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board, 21st Century Fund Inc., Mexico Airport Advisory Board, Mexico Tourism Commission; and Industrial Development Authority Board which need to be appointed by City Council. Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board Michael Myers’ term expired August 2017 and is interested in reappointment.

21st Century Fund, Inc. Tony Robertson and Martin Keller’s terms expired August 2017. Keller is interested in reappointment. There are currently two openings and staff has not received any other applications expressing an interest in serving on this board.

Mexico Airport Advisory Board David Taylor and Steve Hagan’s terms expired October 2017. Taylor is interested in reappointment and Mr. Hagan is not eligible for reappointment.

Mexico Tourism Commission Richard Gold was serving an unexpired term that expired September 2017. He has expressed an interest in serving on the Commission. Staff has not received any other applications expressing an interest in serving on this commission.

Industrial Development Authority Board Kevin Freemen’s term expires October 2021 and he has resigned his position on this board. Zach Templeton has expressed an interest in serving on this board. There are currently two openings on this board. Council approved all appointments.

Councilman Chris Williams was appointment to the Mexico Airport Advisory Board.