Hannibal and Fatima at Mexico



Dameron Long: 1-2; Win by Fall

Adam Buck: 0-2

Gavyn Martin: 2-0; Wins by Fall

Isaiah Ruiz: 1-1; Win by Major Decision

Auston Rutherford: 2-0; Win by Fall

Alex Medina: 0-2

Dylan Mosley: 0-2

Ben Clampitt: 1-1; Win by Fall

George Thomas: 0-2

Kendyr Taylor: 1-1; Win by Fall

Robert McCulley: 1-0; Win by Decision

Eli Bethal: 1-1; Win by Decision

Jaylen Fendrick: 2-0; Wins by Fall

Kieth Ransom: 1-0; Win by Tech Fall

Deacon Haag: 2-0; Wins by Fall

Zach Williams: 0-1

Kaiden Herrera: 1-0; Win by Fall

Ryan Williams: 0-1

Kenley Allen: 1-1; Win by Fall


"I thought tonight was awesome. We needed a good showing against Fatima and Hannibal. They both have good wrestlers and we had a lot of close matches," said coach Tony Senor. "Auston Rutherford had a very tight match and he pulled off a win because he did not give up. Robbie McCulley had an excellent win and kept fighting until the end of his match. Jaylen Fendrick and Deacon Haag also had a great showing. Overall, the guys are listening better and moving their feet and hands better."


Mexico next competed at Fulton on Friday.





Mexico B 19, Hannibal B 28


Tyler Allison, 11 pts

Jaron Thebeau, 4 pts


"This 'B' game gave several players that get limited playing time in other games to get to experience a game where they play the majority of the minutes," said coach Keith Louder. "Tyler Allison played extremely well for the Bulldogs."


The Bulldogs next played on Friday at Montgomery County.