By Brenda Fike

Ledger Managing Editor

During National Young Reader’s Week, Missouri Military Academy cadets Victor Artuno Leon, Francisco Fletes, both from Monterrey, Mexico, and Juan Pablo Cepeda from Torreon, Mexico, read to Hawthorne students. The three cadets are also a part of Bright Futures Lunch Buddy program.

Fletes, a senior at MMA, is an avid reader, and enjoys reading to children. "I love reading to kids," said Fletes after reading to the students. "I believe reading is important." While reading to the children he would also interact with them.

Fletes' sister was instrumental in his love for reading. "My sister would read a lot when I was little and I would watch her," he said. He added reading was a bond between the two of them.

The cadet usually reads one book a week. "If I really get into a book I can read it in three or four days," he stated.

His favorite books are drama and some chick flick books. He said chick flick books may sound strange, but they continue juicy stories.

After graduating from MMA, Fletes plans to attend college and become a lawyer, but reading is his passion. "My dream is to write my own book. That is what I would really like to do."

After Fletes read two books to the class, the students had questions for him on how long he has attended MMA and when does he go home. He told them he wanted to attend MMA and he has been a student at the school since he was 14 years old. He told the students he goes to school for eight months and then goes home for the summer and returns to MMA in the fall.