Last season the Community R-6 varsity boys basketball team started the year with a 65-50 home loss to Sturgeon.

For 2017-18 the Trojans also began the campaign by taking on Sturgeon, only this time they had to do it on the road, all of which played out like a fast car on slick ice. That means things began with a flash and ended with a crash, forcing as all those circumstances to combine like chocolate and peanut butter to stick CR-6 on the wrong side of a 53-48 non-conference decision.

"We had a four point lead with about 1:30 to go. (Then we made) two turnovers and missed three free throws," said Coach Matt Thomas. "We really played well except for the final two minutes. I was really proud of our effort."

Taking center-stage for the Trojans was Blaze Escamilla, who hit both of his free throws and a trio of three-pointers to score 11, Bobby Jett made good on four triples and five field goals to put up 23 points and Cordell Hollensteiner had seven points. Danny Kuda alsocame through for CR-6 with five points and Eric Hombs went 2-for-2 from the charity stripe.

Because they beat Wellsvill-Middletown the very next night, the Trojans are 1-1 overrall, 1-0 EMO, and are now preparing for the Norm Stewart 48 Hours of Basketball Classic on Dec. 2 at Columbia College.