Paris 45, Mark Twain 62


"Their press did a nice job of keeping us off balance all night. We never really got into a smooth half court offense," said coach Wade Billington, "Three big factors for us. We struggled to guard the 6'7" Peters boy in the post. We didn't rebound well at all, only pulling down 15 for the night. And we struggled to shoot the ball with any team consistency. We knew going into the game controlling Peters would be a challenge for an undersized team and he just ended up being too much for us."


Paris next played at South Shelby on Tuesday.



Montgomery County 94 at Winfield 68



"We were able to make some very competitive plays on the offensive side and shot the ball well. What made a very large difference in the game was our tenacity on the glass," said coach Scott Kroeger. "We had a very good rebounding game and that allowed us to limit their possessions and maximize ours. Defensive adjustments helped quell some of their runs that they attempted to make as well."


The Wildcats began hosting a tournament on Tuesday.