Camron Jennings may have won twice by void on Saturday at the Marceline Classic for the Centralia varsity wrestling team at 220 lbs., but he also victorious in his next three bouts by pin.

This includes Mid Buchanan's Armoni Gibson in :50, Lawson's Dalton Shanks in 1:43 and Rock Port's Austin Wallace in 1:50.

Even more impressive was the five wins by fall charted by Jase Cox at 106 beginning with Mid-Buchanan's Ethan Vidal in :28 and Richmond's Wyatt Johnson in 2:32. Cox then stuck Macon's Trac Brown in :57, Rock Port's Remington Stoner in 5:07 and Carrollton's Caden Highes in :41.

Almost as impressive for the Panthers was Ethan Hargis at 160 going 4-1after pinning Mid-Buchanan's Corbin Veith in 5:17, Rock Port's Austin Stoner in :48 and Marceline's Jacob Banks in 2:18. Hargis also won by void in round two and lost by fall in 2:50 in round five against Brookfield's Zayne Lorton.

AJ Hombs also came in at 4-1 for the Panthers at 120 after beating Lafayette County's Tyler Simpson 12-7 and winning by fall against Trenton's Canyon VonBurg in 1:23 and Lexington's Kevin Bales in 3:21. Prior to that Hombs began with a bye and a loss in round two in 1:19 to Colby Lansdown.

Having made the state meet last season, Grafton Litrell finished his day at 4-1, as well, winning twice by void, earning a 20-4 technical fall in 4:19 over Carrollton's Jonah Frank in round five and sticking Trenton's Noah Lewis in 1:54. The one anomaly to this otherwise spotless performance for the Panthers was a narrow 6-4 defeat in round four to Lawson's Cade Killingsworth.

For Centralia's Shawn Pehle, despite starting with a loss to Mid-Buchanan's Justin Roth by technical fall 15-0 in 4:00 what followed was four-straight wins that included a fall in 4:42 against Lawson's Anthony Manley and a win by void. The 132-pounder then bested Trentron's Luca Nichols in :26 and Brookfield's Michael Delana in 1:24.

Trevor Bodin's day at 195 started off just as well and featured pins over Macon's Shane Levett in 3:18 and Lawson's Ethan Bowers in 1:57. The next two rounds didn't go quite so well, though, as Bodine lost by fall in 1:48 to Lexington's Alvaro Porras and Trenton's Jadan Whitney prior to defeating Marceline's Seth Cupp 10-4.

Bailey VanVacter finished this event much better than he began it at 138 by winning in rounds four and five against Mid Buchanan's Brian Grimmig and Marceline's Thomas Bishop in :49 and 1:36, respectively. Before that the Centralia wrestler started with a bye and then fell to Brookfield's Jacob McCormick in 3:11 and Lexington's Jack Breid in 1:18.

The rest of the Panthers results featured Nicky O'Toole going 2-3 at 113, Duke Newsted was 2-3 at 126 and Laokta Phillips held that same mark at 170 and Carson Sanders at 145 and Quentin Foster at 182 participated for Centralia, as well.