Because the Paris varsity girls basketball team got edged out at Monroe City 64-60 on Dec. 1, the Lady Coyotes are sure to try and repay the favor at the Monroe City Tournament Dec. 4-9.

Depending on how that possible rematch plays out, this could leave the Lady Coyotes limping into its game at Marceline on Dec. 12. One thing the team did get reminded of the hard way in that first contest against Monroe City was that it needs to get off to a faster start after getting outscored 23-10 in the opening quarter.

That early deficit forced Paris to spend the entire night trying to catch up, and it wouldn't have been even close if wasn't for the 25 points, three steals, two rebounds and two assists charted by Allison Moore. The rest of the Lady Coyotes roster isn't without its charms, as well, including Tori Hamilton, Drew Lockhart and Makayla Fox.

One team Paris has already locked down is Mark Twain, which it beat at home 57-23 on Nov. 21 to start the season before winning 71-44 at the Lady Tigers on Dec. 4 to raise its season record to 2-2 overall.

Marceline also started the year at 2-2 overall thanks, in part, to the 10.7 points a game it gets from leading scorer Kenzie Stahl according to Junior Baylee Jobson and Maycee Edgar are also scoring 9.3 and 7.3 points per game for the Lady Tigers.

One issue this squad appears to have is ball distribution. They also don't appear to be much for blocking shots, but this team is holding opponents to 34 percent from the field with 41 points and 26.7 rebounds a game, so it's doing something right.

The Lady Coyotes, on the other hand, are turning 11.3 assists, 8.8 steals and 31.8 rebounds a game into 54.3 points per contest. That's based on having scored 217 points with nine blocks.