Now that the 2017-18 school year has come to a close and summer clinics and offseason training sessions are taking place, there are some things that are absolutley official for the Mexico varsity boys golf team now, such as head coach Dwight Loyd's first season in now done and over with.

Tyler Spargo is also officially no longer a Bulldogs, although he will be missed, it was only a matter of time before the 6-foot-6 forward had to move on and join the Westminster basketball team, where he signed to play collegiately starting this fall. Nick Heumann was also stolen from this squad because of graduation. While it might seem like losing just two players from one team isn't a lot, considering each team only uses five players per match, that's 40 percent of Mexico's lineup.

"I am not sure about the quality of our incoming freshman class but I have heard there are two or three kids who are interested," said Loyd. "Our (North Central Missouri Conference) and district play was right around what we expected to do. We haven't been consistent from player to player all year, but as a team we shoot around the same average all year."

One thing that is working in Loyd's favor is numbers. This includes a 2018-19 class of seniors Chris Dubbert, Mason Carver, Dylann Epperson and Quin Leverett, juniors Gage Gilmore, Taylen Love, David Koons and Levi McCord and sophomores Adam Love, Geoffrey Penn, Jackson Unger, Tyler Quinlan and Mason Lower.