Column published August 31, 2011 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
“Mexico needs a first-class hospital. ... You are either for or against Mexico. No town stands still. We grow either larger or smaller every year. ... Patronize home institutions. ... Buy at home. ... Since The Mexico Ledger began arranging for a piano contest, our daily contemporary in half-page advertisements has expressed its disapproval, and we understand The Ledger is to be ‘eliminated, or exterminated.’ Piano contests among the leading country papers of Missouri and other states have proven most popular and satisfactory to all concerned, and we had no idea that there could be any objections raised.”
50 Years Ago
“Kingdom City broke into the big league Wednesday when the Hagan Bros. circus played there in a large pasture a few hundred yards southwest of the junction. As one of the circus employees said, ‘This was no doubt the first time and the last time a circus would ever appear in Kingdom City.’ The show was scheduled for Fulton but later canceled. ... From east of town comes the question: ‘Did you hear about the wonderful peach cobbler Wednesday?’ ’’
25 Years Ago
“Sombrero that Hugh Ferrier, of Mexico, purchased at the Audrain County Centennial in 1936 is light green. It has a band with ‘Mexico 1936 Fiesta Centennial’ on it. ... See TV special offer for installations to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy fund has netted $345 for the drive to date, according to Larry Wright, manager. He said the local TCI office has a goal of $500 for MDA. Under the offer, See TV will install cable service free for a $5 contribution to the MDA fund. The offer is in effect until Sept. 10.”
10 Years Ago
“The change of seasons means hot Thursday nights for the city of Mexico. Area merchants and representatives for the city have teamed up to create Mexico’s first Sunset Festival. The festival will consist of various themed activities held Thursday nights at the downtown square. Festivities will kick off Sept. 13 and will continue through Oct. 25. All activities are open to the public and are intended to create unique entertainment in a family-friendly environment. Open-ing ceremonies Sept. 13 will be in the form of a ‘Kids Night,’ designed to provide entertainment and families in a carnival atmosphere.”

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