At beginning of Biking Across Kansas (BAK), we passed wheat fields, golden and white. Dad texted Mom (she grew up out here) and asked why the different colors? “Different varieties,” she said. “The wheat is ripe when the heads droop over.” They were already droopy. Sunday, the wheat fields we passed were droopier still.


Monday, the BAK organizers told us that one farmer actually delayed his harvest because he thought that with BAK coming through, there would be enough traffic on the roads. How kind was that!

Tuesday, we passed combines harvesting the wheat. Irish Charlie* was fascinated by the combines. They don’t have them in Ireland, because the fields are too small. I think he stopped and took pictures of every combine he saw.

One of the riders was passing his friend’s field at the same time as Irish Charlie. They could see the farmer friend in the combine in the field. The cyclist called his friend’s cell phone and asked if Irish Charlie could see the combine close up. Irish Charlie got to ride in the combine and help harvest the wheat!


Wednesday, we passed harvested wheat fields, the straw still standing tall.

Thursday, we passed harvested wheat fields, the straw cut short, and straw bales dotting the field. That was the day we passed fifteen miles of train cars sitting on the tracks, blocking the south wind for us. The train cars were waiting for the wheat harvest.


Friday, we passed corn fields. We were in eastern Kansas.

*I nicknamed him Irish Charlie because his name is Charlie and he is from Ireland. He had a thick accent. Irish Charlie came to BAK because someone told him Kansas was flat. How we laughed!