Column published Nov. 23, 2012 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"A check for $261.80 issued in June 1908 by W.H. Morris, as Circuit Clerk of Audrain County and payable to J.C. Foreman, was presented at the Savings Bank Friday for payment. When Mr. Morris went out of office, he asked Judge Barnett to authorize him to pass the money for the check to his successor, the present clerk, D.F. Elliott, because it remained unpaid. After referring the matter to Attorney General Major the money was placed in the hands of Mr. Elliott. J.C. Foreman, to whom the check was made out, died three weeks ago on his farm near Rowena, and his administrator, Sam Foreman, endorsed the check for payment. Mr. Elliott however refuses to honor it until Mr. Foreman comes before the Circuit Court and explains the long delay in presenting the check and prove his appointment as administrator of the estate. The check was deposited by C.W. Moorehead to satisfy a deed of trust. It is a most unusual case. ... This fine weather may be good for the farmers, in fact, it is, but not so for Collector S.A. Pulis. This year Mr. Pulis collected only $123.58 taxes more than he did last year, although he visited three places not on his 1911 list. The total collections on the trip this year was $4,577 while last year he collected $4,454.12. In every place except two, the collector got less this year than in 1911 and at the other two places the increase was very small."
50 Years Ago
"A million-dollar expansion program at the Audrain Hospital will include construction on the Jackson Street side of a new 78-bed chronic disease wing, plus construction on the Monroe Street front. Administrator Keyton Nixon outlined the plans in a talk today at the Rotary Club luncheon meeting at the Hotel Hoxsey. Construction drawings are to be completed by Jan. 1, he said, and bids opened the first or middle of February. Construction should commence with good weather, and will take from 18-20 months, Nixon said. Biggest item in the additions is a 78-bed chronic disease wing, a four-story section on East Jackson Street, matching the wing built there in 1952 and extending in the west about 154 feet in length. There will also be construction on the East Monroe Street front of the hospital with the addition of a one-story section across the full grounds from Hoard Street on the east to the hospital drive on the west."
25 Years Ago
The recently concluded 1987 firearms deer season ended with a record number of deer killed in the state, said Charles Maupin, regional staff specialist for the Conservation Department of the Northeast Protection Region. The season – which opened Nov. 14 and ended Sunday – saw a total of 132,937 deer killed throughout the state, a 29 percent increase over last year's record of 103,059 total deer killed. Of this year's total 86,900 were bucks and 46,028 were doe. In the northeast region there were 22,256 deer killed, including 13,778 bucks and 8,478 doe. The total eclipsed last year's record of 15,529 deer. Of the 14 counties in the northeast region, Montgomery County had the highest deer killed with 2,278, Callaway County followed with 2,179, while Boone County was third at 2,179. Other count totals included: Knox, 1,921; Shelby, 1,817; Clark, 1,757; Pike, 1,580; Lewis, 1,548; Monroe, 1,429; Lincoln, 1,273; Scotland, 1,266; Marion, 1,157; Audrain, 1,053; and Ralls, 689."
10 Years Ago
"Storyteller Perrin Stifel captivated his audience with stories related to character learning Thursday at Eugene Field Accelerated School. He also presented a teacher workshop to instruct staff members on telling stories and how to use them through the curriculum. ... Nana's Place, a new 24-hour daycare that opened last week in Mexico fulfills a big need in the community, says owner and part-time assistant Martha Newsom. Nana's place "is the only one that cares for kids 24 hours a day and seven days a week," said Newsom. The daycare watches children from ages ranging from 6 weeks to five years old. Nancy's Place can currently watch four children at a time, but Newsome anticipates that the number will be expanded to 10 for the day and evening shift, three on the overnight and four on the weekends when the pending child care license is granted. Nana's Place is named after Newsom's grandmother, Leola "Nana" Hunt, who cared for children for many years herself. "Nana lived here until she was 101 years old," said Newsom. "I inherited this place and I always said that I wanted to make it a day care." Nana's Place presently employes five workers, including director Jody Spears, full-time assistant Jen Adams and Part-time assistant Tami McCarthy. The daycare promises activities for the children, such as arts and crafts, sign language courses, music, and outdoor activities and games. In addition, Nana's Place will provide state-approved meals and structured learning."
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