Column published Nov. 27, 2012 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"J.C. King emphasis the fact that Mexico is going to be a greater city, and that he is going to stay with us by paying $3,000 to Lane & Buckner for the building now occupied by Miss Ida Rosamond. J.C. King is a live wire, and not only wants Mexico to grow, but is willing to pay his part in that direction."
50 Years Ago
"The holiday season for the Mexico area will begin Friday night at 7 when Santa Claus will come to town and will flip the switch to reveal the Christmas decorations, flooding the downtown area with festive color. Santa, due to arrive at 7, sends a reminder to all children to watch carefully for his airplane with the big red rotating beacon because just a few minutes after the plane clears a path over the courthouse square Santa's sleigh and reindeer will drop him off on top of the courthouse. When Santa is brought down from the courthouse roof by Fire Chief Tom Merritt and the big red arial ladder fire truck, he will be greeted by thousands of bright-eyed youngsters eagerly awaiting his arrival, and will be made welcome to Mexico officially by Christmas Festival Committee Chairman Denver Hudson, in a ceremony on the southeast corner of the square."
25 Years Ago
"The Mexico Municipal Airport's north-south runway reopened Wednesday noon for daylight use only. The 3,200-foot runway has been closed since Oct. 5 for construction of an 800-foot concrete replacement strip at its juncture with the new 4,000-foot runway. Night use of the airport will be prohibited until the electric contractory has completed work on the runway's lighting controls. Assistant City Manager Tom Herron said the concrete for the new runway is now in place. Grading of the surrounding ground and marking of the runway should be completed soon, he said, as should installation of runway lights and controls. City officials expect the new runway to be open for air traffic within a few weeks."
10 Years Ago
"The building of a new $148,000 pumping station on Route D near Highway 54 will relieve a wastewater lagoon that is currently 71 percent over capacity say City officials. The lagoon, which is used primarily by the Bunge Foods plant currently receives, 35,000, gallons of discharged sewage per day, 10,000 gallons more than the 25,000 gallon capacity, according to City Manager Tanna Parish. But Bunge Foods plant manager Jeff Brasch inferred that the maximum capacity of the lagoon had not yet been reached. According to Parish, the lagoon had enough capacity when Bunge first came to Mexico in 1996, but the plant's large growth was not anticipated. To avoid citations and fines from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the City currently uses 3,000-pound tanker trucks to haul the excess sewage either to approved fields or to the City's main treatment facility."
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