The frustrations of being an idiot and the joy of the "Ah Ha!" moment

Fifteen years ago  I had never touched a keyboard. In the last century when I attended school, I was headed down the university matriculation road, taking pre-requisites like physics, chemistry, French, calculus and other challenging courses. The pow-typeders who decide such things decreed that any student headed off to a profession was not meant to take typing. Only the students in commercial courses were sat down at typewriters to learn that skill. Many years went by, as I attended nursing school, graduated, and went on to a career, marriage, kid and more career, all without any aquaintance with a keyboard. When at last I decided to get my nursing degree I still had no typing ability and since submitting un-typed  papers was noy an option I had to pay to get my presentations, essays and assignments typed.

Then one day our hospital administration decided to computerize the nursing department. So suddenly there it was, on my desk, a behemoth of a monitor and keyboard. Yikes!! What to do? My two index digits got a workout. That was then. But I admit I was bitten by the tech bug. Several years passed and I found myself married, living in North Dakota and needing a computer for business. The rest is history - now its three computers later and I have graduated to using most of my ten fingers, albeit in my own peculiar style. My problems now center more on misunderstanding the symbols and pathways to getting the most out of this new wonderful laptop. Such as how to find my blog dashboard. Well today I tripped over it and here I am. Now if I can just remember how to find it again! I wonder where spellcheck is? Next time more on Uffda!