Column published Dec. 12, 2012 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"At a called meeting of the Special Road District Commission Thursday morning the commission settled with William Atkinson for constructing two concrete culverts. The commission paid $150 of the total cost which was $232.35, Mrs. Atkinson paying the remainder. These culvert's were built across roads passing in front of Mr. Atkinson's farm, northeast of Mexico. The commissioners also confered with the overseer about the other work on the roads."
50 Years Ago
"Twelve below zero – that's how cold it got last night. It was an unbelievably cold night for autumn – the coldest night 10 days before the start of winter that anyone could remember. The record reading came in the midst of a bitter cold, high-pressure wave that covered most of the nation east of the Rockies. Mexico's official temperature reading was the lowest in the state, but there were many subzero readings. Unofficial reports listed a minus 15 at Montgomery City and minus 14 at Martinsburg. The reading was the coldest here since the 12 below on March 4 and 5, 1960."
25 Years Ago
"Mexico's Board of Education received a glimpse into the inspired world of invention Wednesday night s sixth-grade student Jennifer Zeigler detailed a project that snared top honors at the national level and won a $1,750 grant for the school district. According to Seagull Gifted Program coordinator Jo Glover, the aim of the Invent America program is "to challenge students to think about everyday items and events, and see how they can change things to make it more convenient for society." In addition to the grant received by the district, Jennifer received a $200 savings bond in recognition of her accomplishment. She is the daughter of Leon and Bonnie Zeigler of Mexico."
10 Years Ago
"Approximately 15 accidents occurred from 6 to 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in Audrain County as a thick soupy fog froze to the ground, causing a dangerous condition called black ice. Four of the accidents were reported to have been with injury, none of them serious. It could have been worse for the area drivers, but conditions improved as the temperature increased and City maintenance crews came out early to treat some of the worst spots."
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