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BASKETBALL: The Mexico Bulldogs defeated the Boonville Pirates 63-32 in a NCMC conference game Friday night on the Gary Filbert Court at Mexico High School.
The Mexico Bulldogs put on a defensive clinic in the first quarter outscoring Boonville 22-4. The Bulldogs continued to defend in the second quarter and held the Pirates to 6 points on their way to lead at the half 31-10. The Bulldogs continued to shoot the ball extremely well in the second half and executed in the half court and transition and moved onto to post their 14th victory of the season 63-32.
The win puts the Bulldogs in the driver's seat in the NCMC race with a perfect 5-0 record.
Coach Brennan Scanlon was extremely pleased with how well his team defended in the first half. "The kids are giving great effort on the defensive end and really sharing the ball on the offensive end," stated the coach. Jake Willer led all scorers with 20 points, while Jon Anderson contributed 14 points, Jaeon Nunnelly 11 points, Cole Jaramillo 9 points, Jake Anderson and Skylar Harrington 4 points and Matt Ridgway 1 point. The Bulldogs are starting to come together as a team as they continue to improve in each outing.
The Mexico Bulldogs will be on the road on Tuesday night as the travel up 54 Highway to take on the Fulton Hornets. The JV game will start at 6 p.m. followed by the varsity game around 7:15 p.m.
Mexico : 22-9 -18-14
Boonville: 4-6-12-10
Jake Willer: 20P, 2BP, 1 assist.
Jon Anderson: 14P, 10RB, 2 assists, 1 block.
Jaeon Nunnelly: 11P, 2 assists, 3 steals, 2RB.
Cole Jaramillo: 9P, 2RB, 3 assists, 2 steals.
Jake Anderson: 4P, 8RB, 2 assists, 3 steals, 2 blocks.
Skylar Harrington: 4 P, 5 assists, 3RB, 4 steals.
Matt Ridgway: 1P, 2RB.

WRESTLING: The Bulldogs matmen competed in the Odessa Wrestling Invitational this weekend. The Bulldogs came in fourth with 81 points. First place went to Monett with 91 points; Fulton took second with 89 points and Odessa came in third with 82 points.
Jadin Taylor (1-4) - sixth - Team Points: 0.0
113: Chase Brennan (Monett) won by pin over Jadin Taylor (Mexico) 0:00.
Taylor won by pin over Brett Shull (Odessa) 0:00.
AJ Peterson (Excelsior Springs) won by pin over Taylor 0:00.
Ethen Carlberg (Logan-Rogersville) won by decision over Taylor 4-0.
Jake Bollinger (Smithville) won by tech fall over Taylor (Mexico) 0:00 15-0.
Spencer Freeman (3-1) - second - Team Points: 0.0
126: Spencer Freeman won by pin over Elliott Hill (Centralia) 0:00.
126: Garret Bradley (Monett) won in double overtime over Spencer Freeman 1-0. Freeman won by pin over Brett Rider (Excelsior Springs) 0:00. Freeman won by pin over Jarred Keiser (Fulton) 0:00.
Jordan Jones (4-1) - second - Team Points: 9.0
126: Jordan Jones (Mexico) won by tech fall over Adrian Kelly (Smithville) 0:00 17-1. Jones won by major decision over Skout Randy (Lafayette County) 14-2. Jones won by pin over Mike Shebesta (Logan-Rogersville) 0:00. Jones won by decision over Hank White (Reed Springs) 12-6. Olen Brattin (Pleasant Hill) won by decision over Jones 5-4.
Scott Speaks (2-3) - fourth - Team Points: 7.0
132: Cody Pae (Fulton) won by pin over Scott Speaks (Mexico) 0:00. Speaks won by decision over Cole Sullivan (Pleasant Hill) 2-1. Speaks won by pin over AJ Edwards (Excelsior Springs) 0:00. Austin Moudy (Marceline) won by decision over Speaks 8-2. Jake Fisher (Reed Springs) won by decision over Speaks 5-0.
Jayde Moran (2-3) - sixth - Team Points: 3.0
138: Ethan Leighton (Centralia) won by major decision over Jayde Moran 17-4. Trenton Clines (Fulton) won by decision over Moran 2-1. Moran won by decision over Brian Dickey (Logan-Rogersville) 6-5. Moran ( won by decision over Nate Florine (Marceline) 2-0. Dominick Guthrie (Moberly) won by pin over Moran 0:00.
Jake Vitale (5-0) - first - Team Points: 16.0
145: Jake Vitale (Mexico) won by pin over Tyler Spurling (Centralia) 0:00. Vitale won by pin over Trey Hudson (Fulton) 0:00. Vitale won by major decision over Brady Franklin (Pleasant Hill) 14-5. Vitale won by pin over Joe Whittington (Logan-Rogersville) 0:00. Vitale won by pin over Dalton Tipton (Smithville) 0:00.
Dalton Logerman (3-0) - first - Team Points: 10.0
160: Dalton Logerman (Mexico) won by pin over Stone Woodward (Reed Springs) 0:00. Logerman won by pin over Grant Ridgeway (Centralia) 0:00. Logerman won by pin over Cameron Lee (Lafayette County) 0:00.
Anthony Brower (3-1) – second –Team Points: 6.0
170: Anthony Brower (Mexico) won by pin over Brandon Lane (Excelsior Springs) 0:00. Brower won by pin over Tanner Sims (Marceline) 0:00. Brower won by pin over Mason Hertzog (Pleasant Hill) 0:00. Jake Flood (Moberly) won by decision over Brower 8-6.
Adrian Minor (2-3) - fourth - Team Points: 0.0
182: Cole Bartow (Odessa) won by decision over Minor (Mexico) 13-7. Minor won by pin over Kobe Kaminski (Fulton) 0:00. Minor won by pin over Ben Martin (Logan-Rogersville) 0:00. Payton Turner (Mexico) won by decision over Minor (Mexico) 4-2.Matt Wentz (Monett) won by major decision over Minor 15-6.
Payton Turner (5-0) - first - Team Points: 16.0
182: Payton Turner (Mexico) won by pin over Drake Hendrix (Lafayette County) 0:00. Turner won by decision over Matt Wentz (Monett) 7-5. Turner won by pin over Jacob Randle (Pleasant Hill) 0:00. Turner won by decision over Minor (Mexico) 4-2.Turner (Mexico) won by decision over Cole Bartow (Odessa) 8-6.
Allek Adams (1-1) - second - Team Points: 2.0
195: Drew Lefman (Lafayette County) won by pin over Allek Adams (Mexico) 0:00. Adams won by pin over Erik Spurling (Centralia) 0:00.
John Lummis (2-1) - second - Team Points: 6.0
220: Jacob Negre (Monett) won by pin over John Lummis (Mexico) 0:00. Lummis won by pin over Dalton Koch (Odessa) 0:00.
220: John Lummis (Mexico) won by pin over Terry Green (Logan-Rogersville) 0:00.
Matthew Pursley (2-1) - second - Team Points: 6.0
Matthew Pursley (Mexico) won by pin over Hunter Vorwark (Odessa) 0:00. Pursley won by pin over Michael Arnold (Marceline) 0:00.Michael Raybourn (Excelsior Springs) won by pin over Matthew Pursley (Mexico) 0:00.

MEXICO JV: The junior varsity team pulled out a win in the final seconds against Boonville on Friday night at home.
"It was a hard fought game that went back and forth with both teams hitting shots. I was proud of how our guys kept fighting and we got some big defensive stops late in the game," said MHS coach Tyler Hudson.
Leading the way for the Bulldogs was Tyler Bracht, 16 points; James Norton 14, D'Milo Nunnelly 9, Skylar Harrington 6, Malik Holman 6, Markail Williams 5, Brady Jacob and Wesley Oetting, both 2 points each.
The next game for the JV team is Tuesday at Fulton.

COMMUNITY R-6 BOYS: Community R-6 basketball boys lost to Sturgeon 68-37 at the Sturgeon Tournament.
Leading the way for R-6 was Justin Durham with 9 points. Sean Wilson added 6 points; Tyler Mayes scored 5, Clay and Lane Thebeau each scored 4, Ryan Kitchen and Doug Davenport each scored 3, and Kaleb Harris and Kyle Curtis each scored 2 points.
Durham led the team with 8 rebounds, while Curtis brought down 5. Durham and Myers each had 2 steals. Kitchen was the only Trojan who scored a 3 pointer.
Community R-6: 7-13-4-14
Sturgeon: 20-19-6-23

NORTH CALLAWAY BOYS: In a standing room only game North Callaway beat Tipton 54-53 on Tipton's home court Friday night.
"It took awhile to adjust in a physical game. Once we did (adjust) we did a good job running plays and looking at the basket. It was a good win against a good team," stated NorCal coach Tim Turlington.
Each team had one player in double figures. Dylan Cooper scored 16 points for Sturgeon with 4 three-pointers. For North Callaway Justin Murphy scored 19 with 3 three-pointers. Jacob Haubner had 8 rebounds for North Callaway while Meguel Hudson led the team with 4 assists and 3 steals.
North Callaway's record is now 11-7.
North Callaway: 6-17-15-16
Tipton: 12-9-13-19

PARIS BOYS: The Paris Coyotes lost 62-50 Thursday to Westran. Paris came out slow in the first half. In the second half they picked it up offensively and went on a run to close the gap to nine. "Defensively we struggled and continued to give Westran too many good looks from the perimeter. There were a lot of positives from the ball game tonight, and I thought the boys played hard and gave a good effort," said Paris coach Wade Billington.
Brant Francis led the Coyotes with 19 points, followed by Zane Lockhart with 14. Mike Ensor scored 6, Bryce Ensor added 5, and Britton Francis scored 3.
Paris: 6-8-20-16
Westran: 17-10-20-15