Dr. Michele Warmund, MU fruit tree researcher, reminds us that we should treat our fruit trees for scale before the growing season.  Control must be made before bud swell with an application of superior soil. In early springs, this spray is often missed as trees will start growing earlier than expected.

According to her, apricot, cherry, peach and plum are generally the first fruit trees to begin growth. Then these are followed by apple and pear.  Dormant oils should be applied when temperatures are above 40 degrees F. and its primary purpose is to smother overwintering mite eggs and young scale crawler.

A great resource for those who care for fruit trees is Extension guide 6010, Fruit Spray Schedules for the Homeowner. A copy can be obtained at your Livingston County Extension office in Chillicothe and for more information, contact the Extension office at 660-646-0811.