I tried some new classes at the gym..I'm sore today.

So my sister drug me to the gym again yesterday.  It was 62degrees here and I would have loved to have spent the entire day outside.  However, I knew I wouldn't get as good of workout in as I did at the gym. 

We went to Cardio Muscle Mix and 15 minute Abs.  Let me tell you, It hurts to sneeze and sometime even take a breath today. OUCH!!  I thought I had been working my abs pretty well but yesterday was a great workout and I felt awesome afterwards!!

I went to the chiropractor on Monday and he was talking about a health talk that he did recently.  He said I had mentioned previously that I have tried all sorts of diets and nothing seems to be working.  I told him that I go to the gym or workout almost daily up until recently and I have also changed the way I eat.  However, in 12 weeks, I've only lost 8lbs.  He said that's a great number and it's awesome that I'm going about it the right way and keeping things steady.  I could only think one thing....I want it all to be gone!

I then told him exactly what I told Travis (my husband) the week prior.  "I sit and watch Biggest Loser week after week and see these people losing huge amounts of weight. They've been working out for nine weeks and some have lost over 100lbs, it's just not fair.  I've worked out for 12 weeks and lost a meesly 8lbs."  Both of them said the same thing.  It's unrealistic to lose that much weight in that period of time.  They have a controlled diet and workout ALL DAY.  It's not real life.

I think I need to keep continuing telling myself that I live in the real world where workingout for 10 hours a day isn't going to happen.  I would have to quit my job and school and do nothing but workout.  There is no life in that. 

So for me, I'll just keep plugging away at Body Pump, Cardio Muscle Mix, 15 Minute Abs, Turbo Fire and next week, Cardio Kickboxing! It's like my brother told me yesterday, "we're going to have bad days, but that doesn't mean you can't fix it the next day.  Have a bad day, not a bad week."

So....have a good weekend!