All season long new head coach Kendra Murphy and the Centralia varsity softball team had been looking forward to showing the world what they could in postseason play.

When that time finally came for the Lady Panthers, 15-9 overall, what they found looking back from the other side of the diamond for the opening round of Class 3, District 8, was a Southern Boone, 14-8 overall, squad that was going to pitch well and play tight defense. That meant Centralia was going to have to do the same, and Gwendolyn Bostick did throw 18 first-pitch strikes with six strikeouts in seven innings in the circle.

But, even though neither team made any errors, the Lady Panthers did allow one unearned run, and that was enough for Southern Boone to sneak away with a 1-0 victory. Centralia outhit Southern Boone 6-5 for the game and was led by Scarlett Fox with two hits and drawing a walk each were Anna Romine and Mallory Smith.

Southern Boone next played Mexico, 21-4 overall, and Fulton, 23-4 overall, faced Helias, 18-5 overall on Thursday. The championship will be decided on Saturday at 1 p.m. In the other game on Wednesday Fulton won 4-3 over Eldon, 6-20 overall.