‘Shop Mexico’ debuts in The Ledger

‘Shop Mexico’ debuts in The Ledger

Just in case you missed it, there’s a new series of local ads running in today’s Ledger.

“Shop Mexico” is the initiative of The Bank of Missouri, with the first installment appearing on page 2 of The Ledger, highlighting The Sparkly Pig, one of Mexico’s truly unique retail stores.
Ten Mexico Village Square Association (VSA) businesses will be featured between now and Christmas.

Matt Gowin, president of The Bank of Missouri, is spearheading the bank’s effort, getting the idea after attending a VSA meeting this fall. Hearing what some of the challenges businesses have been facing in recent months - and additional challenges due to COVID-19 - he developed the idea, partnering with The Ledger and VSA.

“The Bank of Missouri realizes the importance of retailers in our communities - job providers, sales tax generators, supporters of civic causes - and I wanted to come up with a way to help, to lessen their burden in some manner,” said Gowin.

The Bank of Missouri is covering all advertising expenses, which have been provided at a discount by The Ledger. Dana Keller, Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce director, and Nathan Lilley, Ledger general manager, met with Gowin to hash out logistics before appealing to business owners.

Coordinating with Sparkly Pig owner April Baker, a spec ad was designed incorporating some words on The Sparkly Pig and photos.

“Once we were able to share an ad draft with April and Dana, I think the excitement really picked up about moving forward,” Gowin said. “The communication and advice from Dana got it going, (The Ledger’s) help from the ad-creation standpoint was huge, and then it was the buy-in and encouragement from April that it’s a positive piece in which VSA retailers could see a benefit. The process really demonstrated what can be accomplished by a group of people with like-minded goals. I really enjoyed the collaboration.”

Baker is VSA president and has been busy with Mexico’s VSA Christmas planning and the Moonlight Maskerade, as well as operating The Sparkly Pig. Her store is a true show-stopper, making it a perfect candidate to kick off the campaign.

“She has a great energy, is committed to helping others, understands businesses have different issues to deal with, and looks to provide positive support,” Gowin said. “As you can tell from her store, she has a youthful energy which is much-needed these days, in my opinion.”

Gowin stresses that the bank looks to be a community partner, with employees involved in the Mexico Booster Club, the Jaycees, Rotary, Kiwanis and other civic groups.

“Our intention is to be good citizens, personally and professionally” he said.

And while Gowin’s official title is bank president, he says his role is more than that.

“I’m expected to be a resource to provide answers and direction for our local team,” he said. “I want to build relationships with community members and ultimately help The Bank of Missouri establish more meaningful relationships with customers.”

Moving forward, Gowin and Lilley will meet with subsequent business owners to help develop their Shop Mexico ads. On the horizon are Martha Rose Gifts and Kate’s Hallmark Shop, among others. Other VSA businesses interested in participating are encouraged to contact Gowin as soon as possible.

The Bank of Missouri is a full-service bank offering deposits, loans and other services. It is located at 400 South Muldrow, Mexico. To contact the bank, call 573-581-6566.


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