Didn’t our 2018 vote count?

Missourians voted to reform how we draw legislative maps in 2018 when Clean Missouri was approved by voters 2-1. Clean Missouri set up a fair, transparent, nonpartisan process, using a professional demographer to draw legislative maps, and would require approval from a bipartisan commission of legislators.

So, why are Missouri lawmakers putting another Amendment on the ballot that essentially overturns Clean Missouri?
It seems to me it’s to give them more power because Amendment 3 would again enable politicians to draw legislative maps behind closed doors to create super-safe districts so they get re-elected easily and never have to be accountable to constituents.

In fact, Amendment 3 would establish the worst gerrymandering system in the nation. It would set up a whole new way of counting population, which includes only voting adults. And, it would make it virtually impossible for us to challenge unfair maps.
To make matters worse, they are trying to trick us into voting for it!

When you read the ballot, you think it’s about campaign finance reform. But those reforms are tiny—a total of just $105 in campaign contribution limits. The real objective is to reinstate gerrymandering and increase politicians’ power.

Send a message to Missouri politicians that you can’t be fooled by their dirty tricks. Vote no on Amendment 3.

Jane Houf


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