More than $697,711 is scholarships were awarded to Mexico High School Seniors Friday morning during the annual awards assembly.

Dr. Terry Robinson, principal at Mexico High School told the 82 seniors receiving scholarships today to make sure they thank their parents and the community during the annual awards assembly. "This is the day you have worked for," he said. He reminded the students not to forget who helped get them where they are. "You have a lot of people behind you," Robinson said.

He told the student to make sure they write thank you notes to the community people who make the local scholarships possible.

Students accepting the A+ Scholarship for $4,800 each include: Cayla Bell, Destinie Benton, Savanna Bradley, Tazshia Burgeson, Madison Cooney, Miriam Cotez, Jillian Current, Courtney Dennison, Levin Duncan, Makayla Foreman, Cameron Fox, Brittney Gates, Jamie Gipson, Emily Hercules, Sydny Hull, Jessica Joiner, Abbygayle Jones, Garret Jorgensen, Molly Kysar, Breanna Kysar, Sidney Long, Kayla Parcell, Abigail Pascoe, Rebecca Phipps, Paige Reynolds, Mackenzie Robnett, Kaylin Rodenbaugh, Alexandria Schlatt, Kayla Scobee, Harley Thomas, Mahayla Turner, Miguel Vega, Angela Walch, Leia Westland, Rachel Willett, Antonio Williams, Zoey Wilson and Taylor Young (Ozark Tech).

Students qualifying for A+ include: DaeJera Aaron-Holman, Kaleb Allison, Brandon Barger, Morgan Bledsoe, Taylor Brown, Bryce Dunlap, Cameron Evans, Alison Finch, Hayden Foreman, Cheyanne Hall, Elizabeth Kasubke, Andrew Kristofferson, Zachary Littrell, Nyja Mitchell, Chase Monte, Marcus Moore, Brianna Morgan, Mackenzie Morgan, Renae Owen, Brooke Ransom, Makenzie Resa, Caleb Robertson, Greta Runge, Maia Shivers, Grace Troesser, Isaac Troy, LaTeala Vaughan, Angela Walch, Nikki Welch, Andrew Whitworth and Gage Willingham.

Alan Woods Memorial Scholarship: Emily Jones, $243.

Allen P. and Josephine B. Green Foundation Scholarship, Elizabeth Finck, $7,500.

Army Ntional Guard Scholarship: Ben Hamilton, $10,686.

Audrain Agribusiness Scholarship: Chase Monte, $1,000.

Audrain County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship: Alison Finch, Marcus Moore, $250 each; Caleb Harlan, Chase Monte, Raegan Samm, $1,000 each.

Audrain County Law & Fire Protection Scholarship: Cayla Bell, $1,000.

Berneice Deloney Gallop Athletic Scholarship: Daejera Aaron-Holman, $5,000.

Betty L. Baker Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Kasubke, $1,000.

Bill and June Baker Memorial Scholarship: Abbygayle Jones, Paige Schutte, $500 each.

Bob Gooch Scholarship: Brit Wilson, $200.

Bright Flight: Caleb Robertson.

Brookstone Scholarship: Nathaniel Dick, Nyja Mitchell, Renae Owen, $500 each.

Beulah Roth Scholarship: Elizabeth Kasubke, $500.

Bulldog Golf Classic Scholarship: Raegan Sam, $500.

Carl and Charollette Hirst Advanced Automotive Scholarship: Tyler Cook, $1,000.

Carl and Charollette Hirst Scholarship: Tazshia Burgeson, Makayla Foreman, $2,500 each.

Cary D. Haynes Memorial Scholarship: Joe Cheney, $500.

Central Bank of Audrain County Scholarship: Caleb Robertson, $500.

Charles Cockelreas Scholarship; Morgan Bledsoe, $1,550.

Charles D. Smith Memorial Services Award and Scholarship: Raegan Samm, $1,000.

Christ Hotop Memorial Scholarship: Abigail Pascoe and Andrew Whitworth, $500 each.

Commerce Bank Scholarship: Caleb Harlan, Greta Runge, $500 each.

Cora Darrah Scholarship: Andrew Whitworth, $950.

DAR Citizenship Scholarship: Taylor Brown, $250.

Darriel Douglas Memorial Scholarship: Brit Wilson, $1,000.

David A. and Florence A. (Kable) Meyer Vocational Scholarship: Cooper Manns, $239.

Denver M. Hudson Memorial Scholarship: Nathaniel Dick, $1,300.

Dorotha Lankford Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Andrew Whitworth, $500.

Doug Arnold Memorial Scholarship: Nathaniel Dick, $100.

Doug Rainey Conservation Scholarship: Nikki Welch, $500.

D. R.E. Richards Memorial Scholarship: Maia Shivers, $500.

Elks Scholarship: Caleb Harlan, Grace Troesser, $500 each.

Elks Student of the Year: Taylor Brown and Brit Wilson, $100 each.

Eugene Field Second Grade Popcorn Mania Scholarship: Brooke Ransom, Rachel Willett, $250.

Eunice DesCombes Scholarship: Elizabeth Kasubke, $500.

Express Ranches Scholarship: Chase Monte, $2,000.

Farmers & Laborers Co-Op Insurance Association Scholarship: Bryce Dunlap, $1,000.

Fern Braden St. Mary's Auxiliary-Audrain Scholarship: Makayla Foreman, Raegan Samm, Paige Schutte, Andrew Whitworth, $500 each. First Baptist Church Scholarship: Daejera Aaron-Holman, $500.

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Scholarship: Morgan Bledsoe, $225.

Future Builders Belcher Scholarship: Brooke Ransom, $250.

Future Business Leaders of America Scholarship: Emily Jones, $250.

G.H. Dudley Scholarship: Makayla Foreman, $80.

Gary Filbert Scholarship: Andrew Whitworth, $500.

George Irion Memorial Scholarship: Abbygayle Jones, Sidney Long, Kayla Parcell, Kayla Scobee, $500 each.

Griffin Family Foundation Scholarship: Daejera Aaron-Holman, Taylor Brown, Elizabeth Finck, Makayla Foreman, Nyja Mitchell, Renae Owen, Kayla Parcell, Greta Runge, Raegan Samm, Grace Troesser, Andrew Whitworth, Rachel Willet, $2,300 each.

Griffin Foundation FBLA National Competition Junior Scholarship: Ethan Prior, $1,500.

Haley-Jane Graham Memorial Scholarship: Grace Troesser, $500.

Harris Family Memorial Scholarship: Grace Troesser, $150.

Harry L. and Trudy Thompson Scholarship: Emily Jones, $1,350.

Heart of Missouri Board of Realtors Scholarship: Grace Troesser, Rachel Willett, $500 each.

Heather Brandow Memorial Scholarship: Emily Hercules, $1,000.

Helen and Walter Petersen Memorial Scholarship: Grace Troesser, $1,000.

Henry A. Jubel Scholarship: Nathaniel Dick, Caleb Harlan, $1,500 each.

Jenicek Scholarship: Caleb Harlan, Cooper Manns, Brit Wilson, $820 each.

John and Susie Willer Music Scholarship: Austin Loyd, $200.

Kenette Hatfield Spirit Scholarship: Greta Runge, $500.

Key Club Scholarship: Morgan Bleddsoe, Tazshia Burgeson, Elizabeth Kasubke, $60 each; Daejera Aaron-Holman, Kayla Parcell, Grace Troesser, $200 each.

Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Molly Kaiser, Olivia Kerr, Cooper Manns, Andrew Whitworth, $3,000 total.

L. Buford Thomas Scholarship: Greta Runge, $400.

L.B. Hawthorne Scholarship: Elizabeth Kasubke, $1,000.

Live for Dan Scholarship: Emily Hercules, $500.

Madelyn Clark Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Jillian Current, $1,000.

Mary Powell Scholarship: Rachel Willett, $775.

MASSP/Walsworth Principal's Consummate Scholarship: Rebecca Phipps, $500.

Melissa denHartog Memorial Scholarship: Garret Jorgenson,


Mexico Area Family YMCA Youth In Government Scholarship: Emily Jones, $250.

Mexico Bulldog Booster Club Scholarship: Daejera Aaron-Holman, Morgan Bledsoe, Andrew Kristofferson, Nyja Mitchell, Marcus Moore, Caleb Robertson, Greta Runge, Raegan Samm, Kayla Scobee, Dalton Slater, Clint Smith, Grace Troesser, Andrew Whitworth, Brit Wilson, $500 each.

Mexico Community Foundation Scholarship: Daejera Aaron-Holman, $500.

Mexico Community Teachers Association, Elizabeth Kasubke, Paige Reynolds, Kaylin Rodenbaugh, Greta Runge, Grace Troesser, Rachel Willett, $500 each.

Mexico Dixie Gray Band Parent's Scholarship: Elizabeth Finck, Makayla Foreman, Caleb Harlan, Elizabeth Kasubke, Marcus Moore, Grace Troesser, $500 each.

Mexico Heating Company, Honoring Vince Fuemmeler Scholarship: Caleb Harlan, $1,000.

Mexico High School Class of 1933 Scholarship: Cooper Manns, $500.

Mexico High School Class of 1950 Scholarship: Miriam Cortez, $500.

Mexico High School Class of 1954 Scholarship: Marcus Moore, $500.

Mexico High School Class of 1962 Scholarship: Gage Willingham, $600.

Mexico High School Class of 1965 Scholarship: Antonio Williams, $300.

Mexico High School Class of 1968 Scholarship: Hayden Foreman, $940.

Mexico High School Class of 1968 Scholarship: Miguel Vega, $940.

Mexico High School Class of 2001 Scholarship: Rachel Willett. $100.

Mexico Jaycees Scholarship: Nathaniel Dick, $500.

Mexico Kiwanis Club Scholarship: Elizabeth Kasubke, Grace Troesser, $1,500 each.

Mexico Optimist Scholarship: Shania Early, Caleb Harlan, Renae Owen, Kayla Scobee, $300 each.

Mexico Rotary Club Scholarship: Jillian Current, Elizabeth Finck, Nyja Mitchell, Chase Monte, Mackenzie Morgan, Kayla Parcell, Greta Runge, Brit Wilson, $1,000 each.

Mexico Wrestling Club in Memory of Harold Barnett, Brit Wilson, $250.

Mexico Young Farmers Scholarship: Chase Monte, Raegan Samm, Darrin Taylor, Nikki Welch, $500 each.

MFA Foundation Scholarship: Chase Monte, $2,000.

Miss Missouri High School Excellence Scholarship: Elizabeth Kasubke, Caleb Robertson, Greta Runge, $500 each.

NEMMEA Scholarship: Grace Troesser, $250.

Nicolle Blacketer Memorial Scholarship: Kronesha Belcher, Raegan Samm, $500 each.

Paul Friedberg Memorial Scholarship: Grace Troesser, $200.

PEO STAR Scholarship: Grace Troesser, $2,500.

Ralph R. Roth Scholarship: Chase Monte, Nikki Welch, $900 each.

Robert R. Collins Scholarship: Nyja Mitchell, Marcus Moore, Raegan Samm, a total of $2,100.

Ron Whittaker Track Alumni Scholarship: Marcus Moore, $500.

Roy Creasey Scholarship: Daejera Aaron-Holman, Morgan Bledsoe, Taylor Brown, Jillian Current, Nathaniel Charles, Elizabeth Finck, Makayla Foreman, Caleb Harlan, Emily Hercules, Emily Jones, Breeann Kysar, Cooper Manns, Nyja Mitchell, Marcus Moore, Mackenzie Morgan, Renae Owen, Geta Runge, Raegan Samm, Kayla Scobee, Grace Troesser, Miguel Vega, Andrew Whitworth, Rachel Willett, Gage Willingham, $1,000 each.

Sean Lamberson Memorial Wrestling Scholarship: Brit Wilson, $200.

Show Me Credit Union Scholarship: Makayla Foreman, Breann Kysar, $500.

Speech and Theater Department/Booster Club Scholarship: Cameron Evans, $100; Grace Troesser, $100:

Stella Mae Smith Memorial Scholarship, Shania Early, $3,087.

Susan K. Gheens-Magnus Memorial Scholarship: Emily Hercules, $1,000.

The Team for Life Scholarship: Clint Smith, $250.

Thomas A. Badaracco Band Scholarship: Grace Troesser, $200.

Troy Kysar Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Kasubke, Austin Loyd, $250.

United Credit Union Scholarship: Emily Hercules, Kaylin Rodenbaugh, Antonio Williams, $750 each.

Viola Leopold Maxwell Scholarship: Morgan Bledsoe, Garrett Jorgensen, $566 each.

William A. Haas Journalism Scholarship: Taylor Brown, Cooper Manns, Marcus Moore, Grace Troesser, $2,300 each.

William E. Lowry Scholarship: Daejera Aaron-Holman, $500.

Scholarships presented by universities and colleges include: Central Methodist University CMU Eagle and Basketball Scholarship: Isaac Troy, $8,000.

Coe College Distinguished Trustee Scholarship, $5,000; Coe Impact Scholarship: $2,000; Coe Trustee Scholarship: $33,000, all to Brooke Ransom.

Graceland University Merit Scholarship: LaTeala Vaughan, $10,500.

Hickey College Veterinary Institute Scholarship: Harley Thomas, $1,000.

Maryville University Barat Academic Scholarship, $14,235, Maryville University Softball Scholarship, $14,235, both to Daejera Aaron-Holman.

Missouri S&T Scholarship, $2,000, Missouri S&T Trustees, $3,500, both to Caleb Harlan.

Missouri Southern State A+ Leadership, Alison Finch, $1,000.

Missouri State Dean's Scholarship: Morgan Bledsoe, $1,500.

Missouri State Promise Scholarship: Bryce Dunlap, Brianna Morgan, Mackenzie Morgan, $1,000 each.

Missouri State Provost Scholarship: Makenzie Resa, $2,500.

Moberly Area Community College Superintendent Scholarship: Tazshia Burgeson, Miguel Vega, Antonio Williams, $600 each.

Moberly Area Community College Tanna Parish Memorial Scholarship, Kayla Parcell, Rachel Willett, $2,000 each.

University of Missouri Alumni Association - Audrain County, Raegan Samm, $2,000; MU Bright Flight Scholarship, Caleb Robertson, $2,500; MU Chancellor's Award, Caleb Robertson, $6,500; MU Excellence Award, Shania Early, Elizabeth Finck, $2,000 each; MU Juliet F. Hulen Memorial Scholarship, Elizabeth Finck, Raegan Samm, Dalton Slater, $2,000 each; MU Red Graham Scholarship, Caleb Robertson, $1,000; Mu Scholarship, Dalton Slater, $5,240; MU Velton and Vida Vance Memorial Scholarship, Caleb Robertson, $4,100.

North Central Missouri College Academic and Softball Scholarship, Mackenzie Robnett, $10,673.

Northern Illinois Merit Scholarship: Brit Wilson, $4,000, Northern Illinois Wrestling Scholarship, Brit Wilson, $18,341.

Northwest Missouri State University Merit Scholarship: Nikki Welch, $1,000.

Southwest Baptist University Presidential Scholarship: Anna Proctor, $6,000.

St. Ambrose Academic Scholarship: Cheyanne Hall, $14,000.

State Technical College Interactive Application and Game Design Scholarship: Levi Duncan, $2,000.

State Technical College of Missouri Tuition Scholarship: Levi Duncan, Garrett Jorgenson, $1,500 each.

Truman State A+ Recognition Scholarship: Renae Owen, Andrew Whitworth, $500 each; Truman Boys State Scholarship, Andrew Whitworth, $1,000; Truman Harry S. Truman Leadership Scholarship, Nyja Mitchell, $10,000; Truman President's Honorary Scholarship, Cooper Manns, Renae Owen, $1,500; Truman TruMerit Scholarship, Cooper Manns, $2,500, Renae Owen, $2,000, and Andrew Whitworth, $3,000.

University of Central Missouri Red and Black Scholarship: Taylor Brown, $5,000, and Hayden Foreman, $1,500.

Westminster College Dean's Scholarship, Marcus Moore, $9,000, Westminster President's Scholarship, Andi Hinckle, $10,500.

William Woods A+ Award: Elizabeth Kasubke, $1,000; William Woods Academic Excellence, Lautaro Brown, $4,000; William Woods LEAD Award, Lautaro Brown, $2,500, Elizabeth Kasubke, $5,000; William Woods Leadership Award Achievement, Elizabeth Kasubke, $2,000; William Woods Legacy Award, Elizabeth Kasubke, $1,000; William Woods Presidential Scholar Merit Scholarship, Elizabeth Kasubke, $6,000; William Woods William S. and Pearl E. Lowe Scholarship, Elizabeth Kasubke, $1,000.